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Just watch that little cheerleader beat down that fat sheboon. That's the best entertainment.

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Do you have sauce? I can't seem to find it again.

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Avoid westworld, biggest disappointment ive ever watched. Incredibly cool premise, great delivery, nearly perfect story arcs were available. Then they decide to make the negress super smart and she devises an escape plan. From an outstanding first 4 episodes to a raging dumpster fire by the end.

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Best ones are the classic shows or history books, scifi books and fantasy novels. Shows maybe...Fiction? maybe modern? 'Riverdale' a dark archie and betty teen drama? Anime they say Attack On Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Twin Peaks a Classic tv show with a modern continuation

Dark a German series

Classic Trek or try Firefly and Farescape, Baylon-5 another classic or their evil twin the porny sleazy Lexx

Counterpart good scifi thriller mystery

'Into The Badlands' a unique sci fi kungfu steampunk tv show

Daredevil others like the DC version Gotham or the upbeat comical 'The Flash'

Vikings, Rome and another period show called Last Kingdom

Also try classic Reading 1984 George orwell.

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Farscape was awesome loved that series

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go read a fucking book.

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The expanse, the punisher, alias was good. Just watched sons of anarchy and californication again.

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Castle Rock seems pretty good, i don't care for hollyweird or any bullshit politics but the show has that old school King horror mystery vibe, most of his stories are around Castle Rock, Derry, and Jerusalem's Lot. This one is an old prison missing persons story with elements of the supernatural, his books have that typical trashy horror style but there is something about them and his movies, I think he wrote most while going through drug and alcohol addiction...EDIT i hear season ending sucks so im not sure i will finish it

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Deadwood was excellent, and they're finally going to start filming the long awaited movie conclusion next month, will take place ten years after season three.

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All of the Planet Earth series are great, but most other shit is too jewed now to even bother with so I really don't keep up with a lot of it. I'll admit I watch GoT, the overall and most major story arcs are really good. A lot of degeneracy, but to be fair most of it is integral to the story and not the gratuitous sex scene thrown in there to get teenage boys to watch it.

There's always anime, stream that shit online and find one or more you like. We got anime with magic, anime with cars, anime with dragons, anime with demons, anime with WWII tanks, and to top it off there's one where every character is a cell in a human body

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maybe @1Sorry_SOB @whatisbestinlife @Caleb_The_Chosen ... Game of Thrones, the German 'Dark', Daredevil, BBC Planet Earth series, Orville, Twin Peaks, 90s animated Batman, Attack on Titan animation, Avengers EMH toon, The 100, Vikings

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I'll second Orville 100%, they touch on the SJW issues but don't show any real lean to them so far, like TNG but with newer commie problems. Also I'd totally be the guy to hump the statue and make the normies flip out

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yea i dunno. be more specific. im going to watch reign of fire tonight

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Crypt TV and Fun Sized Horror on youtube. A whole bunch of ~5 minute horror films, some cool, some funny, a couple suck but it's easy to just skip to the end.

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cool channel @WispOtheWill @Grimlock2015 @killer7 a lot of people emjoy classic anime like Space Battleship Yamato 2202 and new scifi like Killjoys, Dark Matter etc X-Files had a relaunch / continuation

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