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So that people have the opportunity to unknowingly donate their personal information leaked via unnecessary app permissions. It'd be a huge hassle for people to leak all that information without an app. I don't understand how people managed before smart phones.

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Free open source apps: https://f-droid.org

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Can I get a quick rundown on this for a complete pleb like myself?

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I hate how sites always try to get you to get their mobile app. Big button says "download app" small link "go to mobile". Voat doesn't do this. Of course a voat app would probably be deleted from the play store immediately.

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What are you talking about? I'm on a app downloaded from the playstore

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Energy is a natural resource. And almost any kind of energy can be converted to electricity. So it is true that commercial electricity may go out long term, people can still generate electricity independently

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It’s a great way to make money off companies.

I’ve told lots of companies to not make apps because responsive webpages are way easier and more bang for your development dollar.

Some apps though wouldn’t work in a web page.

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It's almost like people have been brainwashed to demand apps so that companies could collect more precise user data including everything else on their phone.

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This is so stupidly accurate, you have no idea.

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And you're the OP. Way to make all the comments redundant.

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There's an unofficial craigslist app that let's me search multiple cities at the same time. This is very useful for me since I'm in between metropolitan areas.

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Sure. You can do the same thing using duck duck go. Search "site:craigslist.org bla bla"

That will search across all their sites.

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Hmm. I should look for that but when I check other localities I never end up with decent hits.

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The people that run cl are kinda evil.

They actively seek and destroy anyone that tries to make cl more useful.

They are anti app and anti change.

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Porting existing sites to be mobile friendly is a cost and complexity concern so there is always that.

Most apps are not necessary, but there are certain times they are more justifiable or necessary and this usually is related to the desired integration with the phone sensors and hardware (think of a jogging/running app that calculates route and elevation then displays using maps).

I control a home stereo receiver via the manufactures app for example.

When I hear that an app is necessary I use amazon.com as an example of a website that is so mobile friendly that you think it's an app when using it (even though amazon also has apps). You can do a lot with a mobile website these days.

What isn't ever justifiable is the basic monopoly on distributing apps. You buy the hardware, but then you are restricted from installing only approved apps. This closed environment is criminal.

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App's are just frontends for mobile websites in quite a few cases.

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ALEX JONES APP played audio as a background process, so your iPhone and Android acted like a radio while you surfed, checked email, etc.



Poor alex jones app banned 3 days ago by apple (the world famous Info Wars app)

goddamned Apple

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less of a cost and complexity concern than green fielding a thick client.

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Voat works just fine on mobile. Please don't add a spinning goat or anything else similar to Reddits mobile interface

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Because apps can get device data that javascript cannot.

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Navigation is often shitty, typing a fucking url is often a pain in the ass, you have a lack of addons such as adblockers for chrome for instance, maybe firefox I don't remember, maybe this has changed since but I believe it's still shit, so you take ads full in your face, then you have the perfs issues, the browser layer eats like 50% of the computing power, sometimes it's not a problem, sometimes it is, full screen is managed like total garbage, often completely absent except if the said site propose a fullscreen button, while often absolutely necessary due to screen sizes not leaving much rooms to display anything

It "just works", a tad too just, in many instances

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Brave is a great option for a browser with built in adblock and anti-tracking.

I tend to avoid apps myself, the only caveat is that Brave will break certain websites due to the adblock/anti-tracking, so I just avoid those sites.

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Most sites are broken when I arrive, due to my strict scrip-blocking preferences. Also rarely use mobile.

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Firefox on mobile allows extensions. I use it for noscript to get rid of shitty javascript.

And true that, im writing from the mobile app since it doesnt use as much space for every comment as the webpage does. The default lay out for voat is horrible but the app works great to quickly see a bunch of comments.

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Some apps add actual value to the site. For example, let's take a theoretical voat app. The app might provide popups to perform certain actions, provide "neverending voat", notifications when you get a response/message and allow response right from the notification. It could have an option to use lower res versions of images unless you click the HD button. Any of these might provide value. Problem is most sites do not have a good API for apps to use and the apps wind up being little more than a container for the mobile site.

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Neverending voat

Sounds like a cell with no key. I love this place for what it is but if I spend too much time here it can make me convinced I'm going to get shot by a nigger every time I go out in public.

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I live in the Chicago area, I could get shot by a nigger a few miles from my home.

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Luckily voat craps the bed after 20 pages. ;)

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provide "neverending voat"
It could have an option to use lower res versions of images unless you click the HD button.

Both of these things could be done in JavaScript.

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Yes, but the site does not do them. The point was the app offering something the site does not currently.

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Alex Jones Info Wars played audio in the background all the time you wanted it to, but required an APP to allow that trick. A BANNED app as of 3 days ago.

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'cause using a web browser is haaaaard, uuuuggghhhh... What are you, a geek?

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Because using a web browser is hard

It is compared to Boats

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The boats app is a hot mess. I browse voat via mobile web browser.

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I solved that problem long ago. I stuck with Nokia and I don't go on the internet when I'm on the move. One battery charge last 2-3 weeks!

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