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THE BIGGEST STORY YOU MISSED: The Chinese rolled up our spying network and executed some of them. (One in broad daylight). Must be "workplace violence?", no democrat would admit that Feinsten of Hillary were complicit.

2nd biggest story: Pakistani it guys hired by Wasserman - Shultz with no clearances got all the data, including secret data, from the democrats, then got a light slap on the wrist. WTF!!???

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Yes, that paki IT guy, I forgot about him. Commits dozens of felonies and national security breaches tries to flee country gets probation. Drops off Wasserman's laptop saying lawyer client Privilege on a post-it note so the FBI doesn't bother to look at the contents..

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source on the daylight execution?

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1 That dog and monkey out there floating in space? Man Was on the Moon, 50 yrs ago Men Were on another world, the guy JFK who wanted to beat the Soviet Russian commies Killed by a magic bullet ...Oswald was probably an agent or spy or more than one person?....2 Cold War massacres from South America to Cambodia to indonesia to africa, the USA and Russia have been doing regime changes for a long while...911 might have been the first blowback they say...its possible Obamas mommy was deep into some of this cold war shit ....3 Test on their own like lab rats? Russia's and America's Forgotten Nuclear War (On Itself) sending troops out into Atomic bomb tests to give them cancer also poison them with Monsanto Agent Orange 4 Other holocausts, the British Empire against the White Boer to support the Congoid Negroe invasions of South Africa, the Turks vs Armenia, the imperial Japanese vs Korea, Philippines, China etc 5 Environmental wrecks....Abandoned towns, destroyed Lakes, The graveyards of the Earth inside dead City, Russia's deadly bio nuclear chemical soviet communist test project sites the drained Aral Sea, Kazakhstan ...