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I never hear people talk about how great Idaho is, but it's amazing.

Most places are very conservative. It is extremely white. Most places are not just politically conservative, but fairly religious and actually hold conservative values. The economy is doing well, but cost of living is still super cheap. The state has some of the least restrictive, most Constitution-abiding state laws. Just look up Idaho's laws on things like guns and homeschooling compared to any other state. And it's got that unbelievable Pacific Northwest nature everywhere, it's so beautiful.

Idaho is a hidden gem, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see what this country used to be like.

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Idaho has always been my #1 place to move to if I ever decide to leave my current location. I've heard that the cost of housing in the Boise area is sky rocketing though, so if you have to be near a major city for a job you would either have to commute or pay out the ass. Of course how bad could commuting be. My county has more people in it than the entire state of Idaho.

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Of course how bad could commuting be.

Commuting isn't the worst but the amount of road-rage combined with suicidal driving praactices of ignoring all the traffic laws can cause some issues. That an all the Cuckifornians moving in who can't drive in the snow. Last major snow we had there was somthing like 900 wrecks in the first 8 hours, and that's not in Boise.

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Idaho has always been my #1 place to move to if I ever decide to leave my current location. I've heard that the cost of housing in the Boise area is sky rocketing though,

This is the problem with areas like this. They are on everybody's #1 list of places to move to. And leftists love the great outdoors too.

Same thing with Montana and Colorado. They're on everybody's radar now. You are going to be competing for property and jobs with well heeled liberals who love the great outdoors and see it as their mission to bring progressivism to the locals.

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I had a relative move to Idaho with his Jewish wife (in the 80's). They did not have a good time.

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Jewish wife

They did not have a good time.

Jesus! You make it sound like heaven.

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I'm sure the poor guy won't have a good time wherever he is having a Jew wife ruining everything for him!

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I'm disturbed that my cock got hard.

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Idaho is probably one of the best answers. I scouted it out when I was 20, one of the best weeks of my life just exploring and enjoying the culture. The people were so friendly and genuine.

Sadly I didn't have enough time to find both a job and place to live... had to go back to the bluest damn state in the country.

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What about all the californians moving in mass to Idaho? What's the difference between a Cali conservative and an Idaho one?

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Cali conservatives have their hearts in the right place, but many times they're a little bit corrupted and therefore have a hard time adjusting took a place where true values abound

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I just returned from a trip to rural North Georgia. I am British and have a distinctive accent. I was on a gun range with my buddy enjoying the 2nd amendment when a group of total strangers came up to us and started asking me about "Pussies queers and faggots" in london complaining about Trump. They also asked me if the mayor of London was really a rag head.

I wish I could live there. Any white American women on here want to marry a slim 30yr old Ex military Englishman? I cant promise Ill be the best husband ever, but I'll do my best.

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I married a Brit....Just make sure you always remember why you left your country and dont try to turn our country to shit like you did yours. Bad habits die hard. i am sick of seeing people running away from their problems only to seethat they are the problem.

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With that accent, did you know that you can tell an American almost anything and they will believe you? Something about a perceived authority.

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I'm the opposite and naturally distrust people with that kind of accent. Probably has something to do with my disgust of them giving tax money to cucks like Prince Harry for just being alive.

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Nope. Most of us hear British accents as either elite and obnoxious or lower class and uneducated. Neither one stands up as an authority.

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I know this. I have spent a fair amount of time in the US. I would really love to live there. But only in a conservative (white) area.

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Man. North Georgia. It used to be heaven. It used to be the kind of place that only us Georgians knew about, and the locals shooed non-Georgians away from. Ten years ago, land there was dirt cheap, there was very little light pollution, and there wasn't a house crammed into every corner of the woods, every fifty feet. Now it's full of Atlantians, and Citrus-niggers.

Twenty years ago, my families camping spot at Tesnatee gap, was pristine. There wasn't a light anywhere. I went back ten years ago, and someone had built an ugly little McMansion in the valley below, and you could see its lights.

I hiked part of the AT recently, and stopped in at Suches and a local, the kind that used to tell faggot tourists "we don't like your kind around here" asked me where I was from. When he found out I was from Warner Robins, Georgia, he told me how sad it was that it had changed so much, and that there were people everywhere now. His breed is a dying breed. North Georgia used to be heaven. Now it's like anywhere else; overpopulated. Also, there's an asphalt parking lot at Tesnatee, and taxis waiting to take tourists back to crowded ass Helen. I'm glad you like it though.

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Would those be Floridians?

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Helen is hilarious. Its like an Epcot vision of Bavaria.

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Went there 30 years ago with a girl from Tallahassee. The country was pretty enough but I couldn't understand the attraction. Drive a few hundred miles just to buy shit. I guess it's a woman thing because she later dragged me to some little town in the Colorado Rockies basically set up for the same purpose.

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I find it difficult to fault anyone smart enough to leave Atlanta - but holy heck what's the deal with a MacManse/cabin on every two acres up there? They need to go back to Philly/NY/Miami instead dirtying up our natural beauty with their social climbing shacks.

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You should move to the USA. You can have all the guns you want and say anything you want without fear of going to jail. Well, almost anything. Don't come here and start making clear threats of violence citing times and locations and how you'll do it or the FBI will be all over your ass like stink on shit.

You would fit in well here it seems.

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Sadly, It's not so easy for a UK Citizen to just up and move to the US. We can't even enter the green card lottery. I'm a white christian heterosexual male. Not welcome by US immigration laws.

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Anywhere out of the city. Most metro areas are going to be liberal and most every where else is going to be conservative.

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Was going to say the same. The best part is that most conservatives will leave you alone and it will seem like politics don't exist until you turn on the tv.

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Living in rural Alabama...definitely true

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New Hampshire is the home of the Free State Project, where a bunch of libertarians have pledged to move and have moved there to slowly turn the state more free.

Utah is pretty much a conservative heaven, though there are a few statist quirks like the state liquor stores, Democrat ran SLC and Park City, and a weird fetish for the public transportation system. Oh, and Mormons.

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Growing gang problem in SLC, no? The Mormons are such cucked idiots that they are importing Somalis and other third world trash.

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I haven't heard of any gang problems, no. The homeless problem isn't great but that's only in Ogden and SLC. Pretty easy to avoid them as well, just don't go downtown after dark.

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Am Mormon myself and live in SLC. While there are many advantages to living amongst Mormons, their penchant for multiculturalism and immigration here in Utah works against them and they don't even know it. This is a sanctuary city and the conservative Mormons just go right along with it, thinking they're making the community better. Very frustrating.

However, if you go to small town Utah, like somewhere in southern Utah, it's quite different. Very conservative, not cucked.

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Ahhh, New Hampshire votes Hillary and the Free Stater movement is dying, fast.

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Nh voted Hillary by 3000 votes. They also have to deal with people being bussed in from liberal Vermont to vote for the Democrat on the ballot.

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And with New Hampshire, it’s worth mentioning that the state also has constitutional carry and stand-your-ground laws. You can buy guns and ammo without a state background check or permit. You can also open carry if you wish, even in the larger towns. Not even Texas and Florida have that level of freedom.

The state also has a Republican house and senate, but with them voting for socialist bills like their Democrat counterparts, I don’t know if it means a whole lot. There’s a big enough Libertarian presence working hard to gain a foothold in public offices throughout the state though.

But to answer OP’s original question, New Hampshire has a strong conservative presence, mainly along the Massajewsetts border and in the northern section by Laconia, the White Mountains and the panhandle (North Country). The biggest leftie areas are Portsmouth, Concord and Keene. Manchester and Nashua are pretty tame and have a mixed crowd compared to the first three towns. Beware that there are some minorities (mostly spics) in those last two towns, but they’re also tame, contained in certain neighborhoods, and generally go about their business and don’t mean trouble.

New Hampshire is very much a swing state, but you’ll be more than fine as a fiscal and social conservative.

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For you, /u/Weasel_Soup.

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So leftists. Why are you shilling for jewish bullshit here? Go fuck yourself. He doesn’t want leftists. Read before replying.

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Oh a retard that fell for the commie propaganda.

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Indiana. It's God's country son, land of Mike Pence. There are a few Democrat strongholds in Indy and Bloomington, but they are so cute. Midwest progressives just don't fully understand the term "progressive". If they moved to CA they would be considered Republican lite. After living 10 years in CA, with six doing community development work in Oakland/SF/San Jose and LIVING in Berkeley...I can tell you that insane level of progressivism does not exist out here in the slightest. Even when I explain to self-proclaimed progressive Democrats in Indy the beliefs I encounter in Berkeley they think I am making it up.

There are proud Trump bumper stickers and lawn signs everywhere. My favorite is in just about every county some farmer has created a series of hand painted signs on rough plywood with slogans like, "Lock her up!", "Clinton for Prison", etc. and post them along the roadside like billboards.

My husband moved here with me for the first time last winter. He is a native CA and prided himself on being ultra conservative and attending political rallies against commies, etc. Over the forth of July he got really quite at at fireworks show. I asked him what was wrong. He explained he thought he was conservative until coming here. The brand of patriotism and conservatism here outpaces him. He was pointing out old men who were wearing t-shirts with slogans like "Blue proud" (police), 2A paraphrased, flag shirts...so many flag shirts. He was overwhelmed.

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You could just sort the 2016 election results by state (Clinton vs Trump).


And if you click on each state, you should also get a detailed state map of how they voted (Clinton vs Trump)


In general, cities are more liberal, and rural areas are more conservative.

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I have the same plan. I want somewhere hot (no fucking snow), conservative, and with good gun laws. I have been looking at the Phoenix/Scottsdale and Dallas areas. I would prefer a smaller town but I do want somewhere with jobs so maybe I can live in the suburbs or a bit out of town in one of these areas. Sadly it seems cities in general are pretty liberal.

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DFW is horrible. I do not recommend it at all.

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I mean, I'm not entirely disagreeing that DFW is horrible (traffic, for example), but what are your particular beefs with it ?

I live out in the suburbs, so it's not all that awful from my perspective.

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Holy crap, I had to go to New York city to relax from a couple of weeks in DFW. Phoenix/Scottsdale is like flying over Tokyo or Seoul at this point. Those aren't towns, they're super metropolises.

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I'll never understand the wisdom of building megalopolisis like Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, etc.

Seems like a terrible waste of resources to make otherwise inhospitable regions tolerable for human civilization.

EDIT: Ok, I guess Vegas was designed as a military rest-stop, but, whatever...

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any small town just outside of a big southern city is where you wanna be. 30-40 minuted ride to work in a medium / large city is worth it.

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Indiana <3
Stay out of Gary (%81.49 black - no wonder it's a crime-riddled shithole)
And the black side of Indianapolis

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