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Purism is coming out with an encrypted phone focused on privacy

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dude that's awesome. looks like it's slated for an april 2019 release. Fuck it, I might pre-order later this week.

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The phone might not track you, but their shitty website has more scripts than I care to count and most of them begin with "google". Not really instilling confidence. I also have a hard time finding specs on their site. I'm looking to buy a phone, but I need something snappy. I'm a terminal guy and I'm used that whatever I want done to be done by the time I lift my finger from the enter key. Having played around with phones in stores is just painful, because they are so fucking slow for everything and often have trouble recognizing touch commands.

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Just get any phone that you can root. They're all the same.

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how does rooting help? it's still android, im still using software manufactured by google if i root.

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Replace with a open source copy of Android.

Fuck. Senility hits early. Can't remember the name of it.

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No. Use Linage as your operating system after you root it. You'll be working off the android kernel.

Your phone becomes yours and all the Google shit is gone.


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Have you considered picking a flip phone? Otherwise, you are pretty much out of luck. Even Microsoft abandoned their mobile OS ambitions ffs.

edit: https://itsfoss.com/open-source-alternatives-android/ if you want a list of linux based systems for mobile devices.

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id consider buying a flip phone, but i think id miss having a fully.functional mobile browser too much tbh

Even if microsoft was still making phones, id consider them off limits too of course

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Well if windows 10 is any indication, their mobile offering would have made android seem like a bastion of privacy and respect for the 4th amendment.

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By that, I meant that the mobile ecosystem is fucked, so fucked that microsoft, who's still pushing bing, abandoned their mobile OS completely.

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Google doesn't earn royalties or anything like that on Android.

Just get an Android phone that isnt made by Google, and is completely unlocked (developer version). Then just flash a new rom on it that doesn't collect your user data and install apps from third party repositories.

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your data is their royalties

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Right. But if you don't give them data, they can't use it.

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A buddy mentioned Silent Phone was a decent Android alternative but it’s still Android.

Maybe SailFish is still making phones.

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nope. {welcome to Earth we hope you enjoy your stay}

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