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Yeah, what you said.


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worst enemy

Jews, and I've had depression too.


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Yes, for most of my life. Even when I wasn't depressed I was unconsciously doing things to keep myself from getting depressed.

When I was depressed I would lose weeks of my life. I was miserable, irritable, hating everything and nothing could take me out of it.

Last year I had some people in my family die suddenly. I was already at the end of a serious relationship and had nowhere to really go. I was miserable for months.

There's no one way to get out of it. I'm good for now but I'm not going to say I'll never be depressed again. I don't drink or do drugs but it seems very similar to the cycle of addiction.

Find something you like that changes your moods and gets your mind of it. For me it was music.

Think of the good things in your life and how much you have. Even if you have nothing there's always something

Exercise and keep yourself active or it will only get worse.


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Everyone does. Depression is part of the normal range of emotions a human experiences. Being depressed is easy. It doesn't take effort like happiness.


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No, because exercise exists. I hate being harsh, but it's the truth


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You aren't wrong. Exercise is a good way to do something, take your mind off of things, and get out of the house. Like go for a jog, or even a walk. Hell, go to your local mall and walk around the whole place three or four times. Just focus on the task at hand. It also keeps you from becoming a ham planet.


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Depression is not a disease. It is not an infliction.

Depression is a response to some stimulus OR (in few cases) a reaction to the absence of a normal stimulus.

“Depression” cannot be cured by drugs. It’s something every individual must battle and overcome in his or her own unique way. Sometimes it’s exercise, sometimes it’s meditation or other philosophical studies. Most of the time it’s a harsh and cold recognition and acceptance of what is actually wrong - and then fixing or dealing with it. And sometimes, there is no fixing it. And that sucks. But it doesn’t make “depression” a disease.

Figure out exactly what is wrong in the clearest terms possible. If you can do anything to fix or improve the situation, DO IT. Check your results, recalibrate, and continue moving forward.

If nothing seems to work, move far away if you can. Remove yourself from all of your normal life. Start fresh. And if you can’t, do whatever you need to in order to find happiness without damaging yourself. But focus on what is wrong.


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Yes, it is horrible.

It reminds me of a classic experiment, where they induced some sort of depression in dogs. Dog was put in cage, half of the cage was being electrified, the dog got shocks but quickly learned that as it changed it's surroundings (move to another part of the cage) it wouldn't get shocks anymore. Next a dog was put in to a cage that was fully electrified, the dog got shocks and quickly learned that nothing could be done about it. Next only half the cage was being electrified, but since the dog had already learned that nothing it could do would change the fact that he would get shocked, the dog just stayed in the electrified part and kept getting shocks.

When I'm depressed, I'm like that dog: It seems as if though nothing that I do prevents me from getting shocked, which very much discourages me to do anything at all but just keep getting shocked. While I know that if I persevere, I know I can improve my life, I know I can get the shocks to decrease, but it's so goddamned hard.


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If I wanted to get on anti depressants I could it’s just that I’m not a faggot


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Yes. And for most people, it's a way for your body and mind to tell you something is wrong and you should go out and fix it.

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