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Posting on /v/whatever is a death sentence for shills. Anything you post there will get traction but if you post something dumb you will die a horrible death. The shills are now staying focused in particular subs.

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Voat has a buggy algorithm. If you subscribe to high-volume subverses like /v/whatever, your front page only shows stories from high-volume subverses. The 50 other subscriptions you actually want to read disappear.

The people who realize this have ditched /v/whatever. The people who have not are constantly complaining that Voat has turned to all-politics all-the-time and are abandoning the site entirely.

Edit: I just tried subscribing to /v/whatever again. 12 submissions out of 25 on my front page turned into /v/whatever.

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Well damn. Maybe submit this to /v/voatdev if you please?

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thx for the tip

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I think they all are. Its just taking a bigger disproportionate hit because smaller sub.

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I've had good success, depending on the quality of content and time of day. Night time in the US = daytime in eurocuck nations.

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Because morons are filling it with a plethora of /v/thathappened and /v/iamverysmart bullshit jiggery-pokery. People are sick of seeing that shit so it's sullying the rest of /v/whatever content.

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I submit crap every now and then but I'm just trying to do my part. 'member when the content was so low that we posted that we needed more posts? there was one that asked us to pledge 5 posts a week or something, I'm still trying to get there.

I post crap, I know it, but my intentions are good. I'm just s shitposter is all.

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Oh man. Front page being static for like 20 hours at a time... Those were the good ole days!

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Just as planned, I'd imagine.

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It is a small sub anyway and It only grew by 1000 subscribers in the last 8 months ( had 8604 at 1/1/18 according to my notes ) , focus is on places with more people .

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what subs have more people? i'd like to diversify my front page a little. sometimes the first 2 pages of v/all will barely change for almost 2 days.

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I hadn’t noticed anything. But I also don’t really understand your point. Are you saying posts are getting fewer upvotes, more downvotes, less discussion or something else entirely?

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