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There are no real alternatives. Since blackberry went down, everything is now either Google or Apple. All previous Linux phones made have been horrible. I would recommend getting an unlocked phone with a substantial deal (Slickdeals.net) followed by minimizing permissions and deleting all the apps you can from it.

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Blackberry is alive and kicking.

Prism is launching a Linux phone in April, seems promising.

Personally I'd root a phone and install a mod, minimizing permissions & disabling forced apps only does so much.

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If you can follow the instructions, try https://lineageos.org/.

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I think this is currently the best option. Buy a supported phone, install lineage os but don't flash Gapps.

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A rotary one

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An iPhone is still the best for security. You can install any app you want with workarounds. You should be viewing everything that you can with your web browser anyway. Another alternative is an Android phone without Google Apps and using the F-Droid Store (open source store) instead.

Also "Linux is coming out with a phone" doesn't make sense. Linux isn't a company or a group of people. Maybe a phone running Linux is being released, but it will have to be made by a particular company who might/might not be as evil is Apple/Google.

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Yeap you’re right. I didn’t mean to say Linux was coming out with a phone.

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Free open source apps https://f-droid.org

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Prepaid flip phone.

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Librem 5

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A while ago there was a push to make an Ubuntu phone, it failed because there wasn't wide support for it. Now Ubuntu is probably the worst of linux distributions when it comes to privacy (still better than micro$oft or apple or android) and freedom but there is still a fairly active porting community

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