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Don't worry about it and move on.

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yes don't overthink . accept that he doesn't like it ( don't necessarily be too humble or apologetic. As you didn't really do much wrong , if anything.)

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Sounds like your friend is insecure, that's not your fault. Just shrug it off like others have said, the way he acted says more about him then it does about you.

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Though I agree, OP admits to being autistic. So he may be overly jealous, but more than likely OP has put off creeper vibes.

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You already apologized. There's nothing else to do.

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Dudes a spaz. He'll either get over it, or not. That's on him. You said your peace. Remember, other people have shit going on in their lives. They may have been in the middle of a fight about something that has nothing to do with you and you unintentionally interrupted it. Who knows? Who cares? If he's really a friend, he'll address the issue next time you see him. If they're in a really strong relationship, he shouldn't be threatened by a self described spaz.

I'm almost as good of friends with my buddies wife as I am with him. He's went to bed leaving her and I shooting tequila until dawn without any worries.

If he is really your friend, you'll find out what was up with all that in the coming days.

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Thanks. Like I mentioned I have asked about their relationship, but only in the context of advice for how to go about pursuing one for myself. That seemed to be one reason he found it offputting, but I had no intention of coming on to anyone.

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I was never concerned that you did anything wrong. Just move on if they or he can't.

Life advice, go volunteer somewhere. You'll meet great people, for the most part.

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I see nothing wrong with this at all, as long as your intentions were pure. Also, if they're you're friends, they should be well aware of the fact that you're autistic and that means that you miss social cues. If he's really that butt hurt about the whole thing, that's his problem. As @jqueso said, don't worry about it and move on.

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He may have been put off since before I asked about their relationship and dating advice, but that was just it: it was only in the context of advice(like I said, socially awkard Aspie)

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As long as your weren't naked i don't think you did anything wrong. Hopefully dude gets over it. Give it a few days and send him a message, see if he's still tripping out on it.

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It's not you, it's him. He is starting to feel possessive of the girl and jealous. As if she has no say in the matter of her friends. Ignore it you did nothing wrong at all and don't facetime her, let her be the one call you in the future.

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I came here to say that you should just apologize and tell him straightforwardly that you don't have feelings for her, etc. But you already did that. Yeah, social errors are going to burn when you dwell on it, so don't and just learn from it.

Generally, it's a good rule of thumb to never contact a girl who already has a partner for any personal reasons. I wouldn't even be alone with them in the same room. Like, Mike Pence style. But not necessarily for the same reasons. Just check out the culture of false rape accusations these days. It's self protection, really. And if you're an autist, it's even more important because you might say or do things that you think are neutral but that she might interpret as suggestive and report to her boyfriend.

Remember, bros before hoes. Don't give a friend even the slightest reason to suspect you, even if he is outrageously wrong. Going the Mike Pence route will also protect you from an already partnered slut who tries to come onto you.

Honestly, your friend sounds oddly overprotective and overreactive, but perhaps it's the universe's way of teaching you a lesson before you end up in a worse situation.

If you ever want to hang out/speak with a partnered woman (not sure why you'd want to, probably shouldn't), do it through him and make sure they are there as a couple. This is just respecting personal territories.

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Thanks. I have asked about their relationship, but only in the context of advice for how to go about pursuing one for myself(like I said, I'm socially awkward). That seemed to be one reason he found it offputting, but I had/have no intention of trying to break them up or some crazy Lifetime shit.

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That's too bad. When you asked for advice, did you frame it with you being an autist/socially awkward? It might not have alarmed him if you did.

Again, he seems on edge anyways, but I think you're doing your best. You'll be great. Good luck.

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Being an actual autistic nigger must be a bit rough. In any case if that guy thinks you just talking to his girlfriend threatens their relationship it means that he doesn't trust his girl and that he thinks you're good looking enough to bang her behind his back. If he's that threatened already there's almost no chance he'll want to fight over his girl because he's beta as fuck and thinks that the threat of violence is enough so my advice would be to send him a message telling him as much. Say thanks for the confidence boost in saying that he thinks you could get his girl but that if he wants to ever go beyond words with you that it becomes an arms race to see who's willing to use the most violence before the other person gives up or dies so if he wants to throw down over a woman he doesn't trust that you're going to try to talk him out of it but if push comes to shove you're defend yourself to the point of putting your life on the line so he'd better show up with a gun otherwise it's inevitable that he'll lose. He'll huff and puff having a nigger moment at which point you tell him that you want to go out and have a few beers and talk shit out in person with both him and his girlfriend so you can assure them both that you had no intentions of trying to get between them and to preserve the friendship you have. Own the situation by being the bigger man and if he doesn't want to talk it out consider the friendship with him over. It doesn't have to be like that with the girl though. Talk to her all you want unless she tells you to back off.

Above all else don't have a nigger moment yourself. If he wants to fight tell him you're not going to fight over a woman you don't even want to be with and don't let emasculation lead to shooting the other guy. I know you niggers are overly egotistical but talk him down and cut him out of your life if you must. Fighting is an option of last resort but if you have to defend yourself stop when he drops and don't kick his teeth in no matter how much you want to. Show a bit of restraint and remember that we're all permanently alone. We never truly bond our soul to another no matter how much we convince ourselves that we do so even if you lose both of them as friends it's not like you're going to be any lonelier than you are now. It'll feel bad and all but in this day and age you don't need friends or family to survive. You'll make do on your own no problem so let yourself feel bad for a hour or so but then realize you're better off without shitty people in your life, that you're going to be fine and all that other jazz and then move on with your life living it for yourself and not others.

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Okay this made me LMAO so upvote. And there was some sound advice so thanks. BTW they are both Filipino.

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thats the number one racial group known for cheating on there partners

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