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No. Detroit is full of niggers, neglected infrastructure and a corrupt government. wait......

okay, if you rounded up all the niggers, every last one, and deported them to Wakanda, and sold land for $1 an acre to anyone willing to own, habitate and develop it, then yes. In 20 years Detroit would come back.

The same thing can be said about any nigger city though, chicago, la, dc, nyc, atlanta, miami and new orleans.

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Detroit is the most salvageable city in the US. Houses are a dollar, there are huge empty spaces for urban agriculture, there's no law, and there's a cushioning of Muslim Arabs to be puppeteered, like the first Crusade, as a cushioning against niggers. Wake up Whitey, Detroit is fertile ground for change.

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Watching the white genocide episode of JF/FGR's The Public Space collaborations is actually extremely whitepilling, since in civillized countries it's just a cycle of white flight and gentrification that can repeat in spans of as little as 20 years.

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Is an interesting idea.. it is ripe for gentrification!! Need to get some developers in there to fix it up.. and then out price the niggas. get them to move!

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Even if you get rid of jews, any city with >20% nigger population will be shit, anywhere in the world.

It's fact.

All the best place to live in on earth has minuscule amount of niggers. Unless you're into high crime rate.

You can go to Tokyo and see how niggers commit disproportionately more crime. Actually you can go to any place on earth and still, niggers commit disproportionately much much more "violent" crime. It's not just America.

Violent gene is real and people need to stop denying it. Jews are enabling niggers (civil rights movement aka white genocide) but the gene has been there since time immemorial, they did not invent it. If left alone, subsaharan tribes will genocide each other (look at Rwandan genocide), regardless of the presence of external factors. Heck, even if all race went extinct except niggers, they will continue to kill each other on an unprecedented rate.

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crying over here.. you should visit parts of rural America where poor whites reign supreme... sure they keep their violence in the park, but its nothing to model a society after...

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No. Detroit is full of

The people who stayed behind. No job? Well time to relocate for a different job. The niggers stayed waiting for a handout.

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I'd buy land in Michigan if you eradicated the main issue, the issues of Detroit infect the rest of the state.

I've been all over that state, it can be beautiful unfortunately alot of areas seem to be dying.

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I don't get why some one with a little money doesn't just start buying all the land and burning down the houses, clear out blocks and blocks of derelict houses and start from scratch.

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I was a kid in Detroit in the 60's At block parties all the UAW workers would tell stories bragging about how unproductive they were on the job.

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They all voted for the politicians who exported all the jobs so I guess they made up for it :-/

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That attitude pretty much continues to this day with their kids. Sad but true. They're not union so they pretty much end up unemployed and go on welfare. It has to be the shittiest workforce I've ever seen.

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workers would tell stories bragging about how unproductive they were on the job

What goes around comes around.

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Average Pittsburgh union member

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Pittsburgh used to be known for being a productive city booming with industry. The fucking boomers destroyed it with their unions.

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It started with bussing for schools. Destroy the schools and disperse the community. Now the only people living their feel no investment in the city or their neighborhood.

You would need a separatist movement to flood an area of Detroit and build from there. Something like 200 families could easily buy up a large portion of the land and control the local government. Enact laws that would protect them from outside influence.

How to keep non community members out is simple, have a barter society within the community, have the only school be private, have stores that are on the outskirts of the community and design the streets in a such a way that any intruder would be spotted immediately and watched by the community.

Have multigenerational homes instead of dumping the elderly off. Have parents around to help the kids learn how to interact, play, cooperate, and date in a positive manner.

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If you want something you must fight for it. Get the legal aspect taking care of before hand. Find lawyers who support your cause to move into the area. Like the art of war says, "seek to win, then go to war".

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That sounds like a great plan.

Too bad you'd be sued

Thats why the realization of the plan should be deferred until after the second civil war. All effort should be focused on kickstarting and winning a hot civil war first.

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I think for a lot of teenage and especially middle school dating, if the two involved were kept to just spending time together in public/monitored areas, they'd find out they can't stand each other or can't work it out after 2-3 months. Then they can separate with minimal harm done.

Compare this to modern times where the two will start having sex, getting far too invested in something that isn't going to last long at all. In fact it might result in the guy staying on board longer, because he's hoping to get sex out of it. I heard about a girl who waiting over a year and a half to give it up. When she finally did, the guy hit the road. We can also add into this the problem of not having youth who are expected to start a family and reproduce. It's destructive to society as a whole, and most people are rain drops in a flood that have no awareness that there is even a flood that THEY are contributing to.

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"When she finally did, the guy hit the road."

Maybe she was just really bad in the sack? o.O

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Funny I suggested this very thing. Please read this: https://voat.co/v/whatever/2708450

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Cool like your idea.. Gave it an upvote!

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Yes, it is true that the "Domestic American Urban Porch Monkey" wrecked Detroit. But they did not cause or better trigger it's downward slide. Detroit slowly self-destructed because of two parties: The Jews and the Arabs (..and partly us Americans!) What happened? In 1973 something called the Arab-Israeli War took place. In it Syria and Egypt decided to attack Israel on the Jewish holiday of Yom-Kipper. Without going into too much details, the Arabs underestimated israel's Mil strength and both the Egyptians and Syrians got their asses kicked. But there was a little-realized 'card' that the Arabs decided to play. OPEC led by the Saudi's cut crude oil exports to the US by a whopping 85% The price of Gas went up in a matter of 7 Months from .34 cents per gallon to .93 cents a gallon. American Cars were mostly HUGE behemoths having avg 120" wheelbase and were powered by gas-guzzling V8 engines which got 11-17 MPG on a good day! Then came two Japanese Cars, the Honda Civic CVCC and the Datsun (now Nissan) B-210 both of which got 38mpg City and 41mpg highway. People started getting rid of their American cars and bought Honda's and Datsun's in droves. Detroit tried to counter with the Chevy Vega, The AMC Pacer and the Ford Pinto, all of which were unmitigated disasters of passenger cars. Chevy Vega's engines warped from poor design, AMC Pacer's doors/bumpers/side-panels literally fell off while driving, and the Ford Pinto was a deathtrap who's gas tank and passenger compartment would burst into flames at a 35mph rear impact. Ford also had something called the Maverick which was also a disaster. Detroit simply could not build a reliable small car as good as the Japanese could. Then cam Toyota and Detroit's fate was sealed.

To recap, what killed Detroit? 1) 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo which almost quadrupled the price of Gas and set the benchmark for high fuel prices. 2) Detroit's non-ability to build small reliable fuel efficient cars. [The 1981 Chrysler Reliant-K Car was the first successful fuel efficient American car] 3) Introduction of Japanese Datsun-Nissan, Honda and Toyota who's avg 37-43 MPG were an instant hit with American buyers. 4) The EPA mandate for Unleaded Fuel Cars in 1975 which further raised the goal-posts that Detroit could not meet.

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This it's a great explanation. It takes macroeconomics and bad strategy to wreck an entire city. Blacks on their own can only create a self-contained slum.

Another factor was the computer revolution. At the time when Detroit was the richest and most powerful city that had ever existed, communication and logistics were hard. It took a lot of face-to-face meetings to design a car and its factories. Once that began to be automated, there was no point in piling the entire industry up in a single city.

Walmart is a similar example. They killed so many small businesses not because they were large or unfair, but because they had superb logistics software and procedures.

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This. Don't know why you don't have more up votes.

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Detroit was killed by white flight to the burbs after the 67 riots. You have good info on the oil crisis, but much of the auto industry in the city had already aged into obsolescence and new modern factories were being built in the suburbs. Even if production had remained robust it would have moved (as it in fact did) out of town, leaving Detroit a shithole anyway.

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As I recall from driving a number of k-cars (local business I worked for used them as fleet cars) the engines were provided by Mitsubishi, with a minority later being made by Volkswagen. I think there were some real Chrysler engines in there, but I never ran across one of those.

I also remember them basically quitting around 100,000 miles. That sounds like crap now, but when you consider the Vega my folks had lasted 4 years before it rotted away, literally rotted away, that's pretty impressive.

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Yes, they had a 4-cyl Japanese made Mitsubishi Engine and Transaxle. The engine/transaxle were shipped as a finished unit from Japan to the US where they were installed at the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Michigan. It was pretty much a Japanese Powerplant inside of an American Car. My uncle bought one in 83. A Dodge/Chrysler Aries 4DR Sedan. Sold it in 1998 with 152K miles on the clock to a High School or College student for $200 an it was still running when he sold it! (Lee Iaccoca was truly a genius - It was his idea to put a proven Japanese powerplant inside of an American Car Body. Sold millions of them... The Car that Saved Chrysler ) https://www.uh.edu/engines/epi3063.htm

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Toyota, Honda, Kia, Fiat, Hyundai, Nissan...

The Jews didn't invent Kaizen, the Jews didn't force Ford, GM, and Chrysler to put out unappealing gas guzzlers that explode when rear ended, and the Jews didn't support the Chicken Tax which is the only thing that props up the US pickup truck market. Get your head out of your ass.

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I was thinking of the "civil rights" movement that forced all the niggers in when I mentioned the Jews, but their communist agenda is all about the workers uniting to destabilize and destroy society.

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Blacks came to Detroit to work the factory jobs left vacant from all the boys fighting in WWI & II

This Wikipedia article is pozzed as fuck, but the truth is between the lines.

The primary factors for migration among southern African-Americans were segregation, an increase in the spread of racist ideology, widespread lynching (nearly 3,500 African-Americans were lynched between 1882 and 1968[20]), and lack of social and economic opportunities in the South. There were also factors that pulled migrants to the north, such as labor shortages in northern factories brought about by World War I, resulting in thousands of jobs in steel mills, railroads, meatpacking plants, and the automobile industry.[21] The pull of jobs in the north was strengthened by the efforts of labor agents sent by northern businessmen to recruit southern workers.[21] Northern companies offered special incentives to encourage black workers to relocate, including free transportation and low-cost housing.

Great Migration

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Probably not. One side effect of American capitalism is little incentive for sustainability. For example.. out west there was a commercial fishing boom off Washington coast and California coast. Did companies know they were overfishing ? Oh course. But the point is make as much money as possible and then invest in something else when it dries up.

You see this pattern all over the Midwest as well. Abandoned factories, etc. The idea is make as much money as possible quickly ... when resource is gone or there is a new way to make money move on....

It’s possible that with taxation and weakening labor unions the decline may have not been as fast or drastic ... but was probably ultimately going to be the result.

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That's the cost of being an employee.

The country has only ever really functioned by the work of small and medium business. A company town dies when the one company folds and there aren't enough smaller businesses to keep it going. Diversity only matters in economics.

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One side effect of American capitalism is little incentive for sustainability

Yet most trees in America have been and are being planted by logging companies.

[–] Roody15 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

This is true but not because of free market capitalism. Laws in Washington, Oregon and other states require companies to limit tree harvests and clear cuts to certain amount of acres and require replanting of trees when harvesting.

For example in Oregon if you harvest 120 acres of timber you must replant this ground and cannot ask for another permit until the new trees are 4 feet. This has more to do with regulation than free market. You are also correct that todays version of American Capitalism does have more regulations to help with sustainability compared to the lates 1800's and early 1900's.

But you are correct that timber companies do plant most of the trees and that this industry has become more sustainable.

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Yes. Unions, bad business practices, and democrats killed it.

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It also became a place to where many niggers from the South moved north. 6 million of them moved north in the first half of the 20th century. Just take a look at the cities and see how fucked up these became (quote from wikipedia): "In the first phase, eight major cities attracted two-thirds of the migrants: New York and Chicago, followed in order by Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. The Second great black migration increased the populations of these cities while adding others as destinations, especially on the West Coast. Cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Phoenix, Seattle, and Portland attracted African Americans in large numbers."

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So how did Portland solve its nigger problem then?

[–] hangry 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

They met with stiff white-only resistance. In the 40s there was an effort to recruit blacks into the ship building yards for the war, but they met with white-only areas and businesses, and housing. I don't know if that is the whole story, but blacks were funneled into the Vanport area and were not readily accepted elsewhere. Vanport was wiped out by a flood after WWII, and there wasn't a welcome for the niggers to stay in the area.

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