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Assume every website on the internet is compromised by nation states. Nothing is anonymous.

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always assume the enemy is already in the gates. 90% of all murders and kidnapping are from friends and family, not strangers

look at how many kike-bots swarm voat every week or so as evidence to that

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An anon claimed that all of the 4chan mods were sacked in mid-2014 and replaced by SJWs at the demand of Nick Denton and his business partners. Moot got a job with Google for a year or two at the same time so he was under financial pressure.

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IMO, it all happened when they killed the ability to post from a VPN. The claim was to stop the posting of CP, but I was and remain skeptical of that claim.

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Many mods there are bought and paid for. It's very obvious at times.

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Yeah ever since m00t sold it about a decade ago. Old fucking news.

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If you posted certain keywords there it’s an instant ban. “Bill Priestap” or even just “Priestap” used to do it but 8chan figured it out. People usually realize these things that 4chan is banning for and exposes them. 4chan apparently also has pedo mods now who cover for themselves.