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Social media has only helped. I't really took off in the 70's with TV shows constantly disparaging men, then music, movies, university, and then the rise of social media. Social media allowed for the viral spread of feminism which encompasses many aspects such a body positivity... etc.

Yes, it was a factor.

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The body positivity movement these days is extremely telling. It was ostensibly meant for people like amputees, cancer survivors, victims of acid attacks, etc. -- people who were disfigured by some external event -- so they could try to feel comfortable with themselves.

But like everything else that started good, it's been co-opted by horrible people. In this case, the takeover was organized by selfish cows who refuse to stop eating ten full meals every day.

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Back to babylon sodom and gomorrah? California, London Paris New York, the Open Borders, Anti Nuclear family, Hysteria, Madness and the Cock Carousel Woman Revisited also ....Ask a Man Hating Open Borders Feminist of the USA...ask her : 'Women's Rights or Islam'? The internet only helps spread the movements of groups and ideas faster, even produce more bad and ideas, bad ideas like Marxism, trafficking, the illegal class A drug trade, terrorism...the Web just helps spread stuff Faster!....modern Feminism is just one of the many rots and bad ideas inside humanity, probably why the Western men are giving up on Western women and look to Eastern European Women or Latin America or the Far East, at least some women try to be traditional...Tick Tock goes the Clock!.....battle of the sexes is a ticking time bomb, Western Feminism is not just deeply flawed there are many other poisons and movements and (((groups))) attached to it and the biological clock is not on the Western Woman's side. It happened before in the Middle Ages 1600s maybe France, England, Italy there were lots of invasions and drinking and one time women wanted to enter the workplace, unmarried woman, they went to the mills spun cloth, looms, yard probably got paid some coins for their work then bought a nice dress and maybe also got to ride the Cock Carousel, the term 'Spinster' soon came about, she wrinkles and withers, typically an older woman beyond the usual age for marriage. Women are also told to be butch and aggressive by media while men go more girly and effeminate?

The modern version maybe the fruit fly hag or the crazy cat lady?

https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FagHag Jen from Dawson's Creek is a self-proclaimed fag hag, her best friend Jack being gay. The Sarah Silverman Program features Sarah who is best friends and neighbors to Steve and Bryan, the most obese, nerdy, stoner gay couple ever seen. Jennifer Aniston's character being one of these drives the entire plot of the movie The Object of My Affection.

1700s Spinster was being used generically for 'woman still unmarried and beyond the usual age for it At one time Hollyweird made a mockery of them on film are the "spinsters" or "old maids" in English, "vieilles filles" in French, "zitelle" in Italian, "alte Jungfer" in German, or "dakhtar torsheedeh" in Persian, old Japan called them 'leftover women' Chinese I think called them Sheng nu, once hollywood mocked them now they worship the old hags even given them their own tv shows. Teen girl 'grows up' Woman goes crazy gets the tramp stamp tattoo, snorts shit up her nose rotting her brain, looks for approval from bullshit political groups, goes partying drinking rides the dicks and before she knows it she is 28+ 30+ and decaying...at this stage her brain is going crazy directly wired into the vagina she may even hook up now with a arab negroid or some dude fresh off the boat to make babies. Social media has also brought out the worst in men but they have time on their sides, nobody sane will hook up with an old spinster. Time is not on the woman's side, maybe if a God or God exists maybe this God was a man afterall.

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Very nice post. Shills at full work I see downvoting you.

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u r right... most women even if some are partially hide it are weak/naive in their essence and very susceptible at external stimuli/influence so obviously a category of crazy fuckups got lost into illusions and appareances... what can i say.. when u got nothign to show what u can show is the most important thing on earth... many of them even if they have somethign good they still feel they havent... % speaking many women are fucked up as fuck...

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Western civilization is being blacked. By the (((usual suspects))).

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Agree, although the odd thing is that jewish women are the biggest hags on the market. Ugly noses, terrible personalities, bad in bed, etc.

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Why did you fuck a Shebrew? Have you no shame?

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Are teen boys behaving better?

I don't mean to answer a question with a question, but you single out females. Is it only female or is it a generational thing or is it everybody? And has it really changed or is it just that bad behavior gets more exposure now?

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Key point, boys behave as girls want them to. The sexual markekplace is owned and operated by women.

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Unless you're ripped and make money. White men everywhere need to hurry the fuck up and get their shit together. Because it doesn't matter how feminist a woman is, she will quickly become traditional for a G.I. Joe incarnate. Fact.

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Key point, boys behave as girls want them to.

Which is why you change a society by working on the women. They're easier to influence - the men can't be changed as easily, but they will say and do whatever is necessary to get laid.

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This is correct

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Oh it's definitely a lot worse for both boys and girls, but for girls it's even more out of character to see them so... "wild". It's like when you see videos of girls just "letting go"... it's such a turn-off.

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Vegas woooo

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Boys are not nearly as noisy, screechy, and as much of a PITA as the girls are. The girls also think it's ok to slap, punch or kick and males they don't agree with, with no consequences. Because they've seen their single moms do it to men for years.

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100% agree, but I feel you missed out on one worse behavior. Girls these days are far more likely to claim a boy/man sexually assaulted them in one way or another, many times to the downfall of the boys life. And they rarely see forced to face the consequences of their false claims.

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The male analog to social media is video games. So ever since the 80's. Is there a noticeable difference in young men?

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For the last several decades, Jew (((media))) has been promoting macho violent women, beating up men, kicking men in the balls, feminist grrl power bullshit.

Now the cultural marxists are promoting women boxing & MMA, sending the message that women should be just like men, because gender is just a social construct.

We need a new Hitler, to crush the jewish supremacists, bring back traditional gender roles & sustainable values, and save western civilization.

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except Hitler failed. It would be nice to have one that succeeds. The Jews just came out of WW2 stronger than ever. Not only did they already have the Russian, British and French empires in their pockets, they then took over the American Empire and opened the floodgates to the third world in the west.

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except Hitler failed

Yeah it was his fault that the entire world Jewry machine combined to take him down and he couldn’t stop it.

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Nah. Your upbringing will determine your mannerisms. It's from the destruction of family units. Not social media.

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Cool fantasy bro.

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Interesting. The ones I encounter seem far nicer than millennial women. I was actually feeling pretty good about how things are going.

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Yeah, OP might be older, and looking at millennial women. A.k.a: anyone under 30 is a "kid". I've found most legit teens, 13-18, pretty agreeable. I've seen plenty of older millennial moms with babies that have rainbow-colored mohawks and fake tattoos, etc. I wonder how that generation will grow up. I wonder if it will be the same as with the hippies: a whole generation of straight up hardcore alt-righters.

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*under 40... But all this craziness started about 5-10 years before I technically became an 'adult'. Saw it all first-hand. Summer of love morphing into the days of rage, and all that. Sorry we didn't shoot more of them, but it was the greatest generation that failed us. We were the kids.

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Colored hair and stickers are innocent. It’s badly behaved kids you need to watch out for. Entitled children, children that have no manners, children that hurt other children without remorse... hair and stickers are the least of our worries for kids

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Not really, it’s just the whores and low self esteem slugs have a platform. Most girls I meet would never act like a retard online because they are busy working or being a mom etc..

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Teenage girls (I'm talking white girls here) for the most part are foul-mouthed, ignorant little sluts. They've been trained to have sex with anything that moves, and to aspire to be male. They pierce and tattoo their bodies and starve themselves to achieve unnatural thinness, or simply give up and bloat themselves on junk food like human-shaped weather balloons. Frankly, they are disgusting little whores in the making. It turns my stomach to listen a group of teenage girls talking to each other. There is no grace, no dignity, and no beauty. All they've got going for them is youth, and that melts away faster than they will ever believe.

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Trouble with ardvarcus is he is a paki turk apologist and I have seen the way islamo women behave, they see some grunt American or Russian with a gun on their streets and they are fluttering their eyes and are fawning gushing over him. I seen some of the iranian women behave like whores, seen arab turk women they go around partying engage in anal sex on the side, quietly sneak out and party where mom and aunti and daddy do not see. Some of them even save up to have surgery and get the hymen reattached through surgery. Women have to realize and had to realize themselves what makes a civilization, whores do not make civilsiation but neither do low IQ jihadist koraniamls....islam certainly does not it sends everything backwards into collapse, decay, oppression and a dust bowl, the founder of islam himself mohammad being a jihadist low IQ cheating pedophile prophet. Any gains a shitstain religion like islam makes is only a general sign of Western weakness, the West, the USA or other nations might be more brutal in the future.

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Yes, although part of me wants 2% of white girls to be like that so they can either work at massage places, strip clubs, or have affairs with older men. Once you hit 40 women your age ain't attractive... hell, even half the 30 year olds in my area aren't attractive.

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