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White. Nations rise and fall. And though I can respect what this country ideally is, I was just born here. My people (white people) are spread all over this world. And those that haven't been ruined will get my help before someone who is just American. I bet if most goats pondered that, they would come to the same answer. Would you help an american that isn't white before, say, a white German?

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Exactly. Countries come and go. The white race, on the other hand, is the product of billions of years of evolution, and if we lose it, it's lost forever, like the dinosaurs. That's why it baffles me how little interest some within my own race seem to have in proctecting their own biological heritage while getting all fanatical about football-team-corporation A or football-team-corporation B.

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that is a good point, any other race that is "american" would help their "people" first, even if they weren't american; it is the innate action, and has been (((brainwashed))) out of many white people (having empathy doesn't hurt).

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having empathy doesn't hurt

It does when the Jews use it to manipulate you.

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help a white german

turns out to be a mudshark libshit

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I like the "Nations rise and fall" line. Whenever we see a break up of a large empire or coalition, it almost always breaks up on racial/ethnic lines. In other words, the true community is the race. The nation is just the manifested legislature.

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To be American is to be white. The nation was founded by "free white men of good character" for other free white men.

A nigger will never be an American, they will always be a nigger, or "african american" as the kikes refer to them.

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Yes... American means white which is why Americans are under attack.

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Well said

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They are prone to treason

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I'm a combat veteran and I genuinely don't know anymore..

I'm definitely not a "modern" american, i believe fags are disgusting, women shouldn't vote, and shitskins should fuck off back to their mudhut countries. I guess I'm a constitutionalist?

I dont know

Edit, I'm white (Italian English, my family has been here for more than a hundred years) but I also find myself not enjoying white company anymore either, I certainly prefer it, but cucks are cucks

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Now YOU seem to be a real rarity, an intelligent white American woman having an educated opinion. Can I date you? :)

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You're likely a traditionalist, or alt-right. It sounds like you live in a shitty city, that's hard.

You deserve better company. We are ment to be in the company of family and brothers, it's not healthy for you to feel so alone.

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There's lots of us like you.

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I'm with you

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American. I dont want to be associated with pussy britons.

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I'm a Brit and I don't blame you.

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Stand proud white man. Don't let them divide us. No more brother wars.

Your existence is paid for in blood by men like you fighting like you must soon fight. What you brits face isn't new, it's in your blood to overcome.

TLDR; don't be a fucking cuck

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Traditional Americansim is greater than being white by far. Id have the back of a high IQ nog that loves freedom and self reliance over some SJW ham all day.

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I can't believe what I am reading, especially from someone who describes them self as Traditionalist? Tell me, what aspects of traditionalism do you embody, if not the love and consideration of your fellow race?

Keep engaging in the based Tyrone meme before you realize you will only get stabbed in the back, probably over drugs. You will never find a high IQ, conservative, white-loving Jamal Unicorn, so why base your entire political agenda over it? Your race and people are suffering, and here you are with your mind fixated on chasing improbable scenarios.

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Have to agree with this, someone like Justice Thomas or Thomas Sowell would have my support more than probably 90% of people that live in Europe.

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If you find yourself in conflict with your white brothers than you are effectively no better than a nigger. You need to realize that we are afflicted by satanist kike influence and the sooner we unite, the better.

To go further, the pussy behavior exhibited in the UK is the result of xenoestrogens in the environment affected both the prenatal and post-birth hormonal levels of the populace. The magnitude of this problem is immense, where a man of the year 1920 may have 400% of the testosterone of a male of the year 2015. Consider how this would influence the political behavior of the men.

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I feel closer to a white German then a Mexican American.

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Goddam right. Stay strong brother.

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Not lately...

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Since when? What does that mean?

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Not these days. German 'men' are soyboys.

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That's the result of xenoestrogens in the environment. What other cause would result in such a rapid change in the behavior of them men?

Did you forget the 1930's? Where is your respect of the Germans? What's the matter with you?

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Not all of them.

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America would be Africa or Mexico if whites didn't create it. No whites. No America

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White 100%. Anyone who says American is a servile cuck.

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Way to win over your intellectual opponents!

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Way to speak like an underhanded cuck.

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That wasn't his intention. Is he speaking at an academic facility, or an online forum? A better question is are you trying to help him, or attack him? Why is your reply not constructive in the least?

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