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I was thinking the same thing this morning... where is that Faggat.

Maybe he got busted in a Pedo Raid!!!

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No, don't say that. He is a good guy.

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It's hard to tell some days.

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You kind of gassed him? He didn't do a good job of defending his position at all, but you two also spent a great deal of time talking past each other. He isn't wrong that there's a lot of Jews in Trumps inner circle, much less his family. You've mentioned before that it concerns you too, and I would imagine that it still concerns you. I'm not trying to speak for you here, but I just don't see your attitude there changing all that much based on your history.

He's also not wrong about the Jews here on the board infiltrating the Q train that you're riding around on here (good job on OWI though). MolochHunter isn't even American. He writes "center" as "centre" and has referred to the founding fathers as "your founding fathers", much less speaks out both sides of his mouth. It's all documented here in the links in this comment I made.

Now that you've had time to distance yourself from that whole situation with CBG, hopefully you can see how effective Q is with propaganda for his team. The whole, "shills are in full force" thing really hasn't died down. CBG's timing was awful with that, but guys like OWI rode that idea hard, and people supported him. The most ardent supporters took any criticism as an attack on the movement.

That idea (The shills are coming! The shills are coming!), without strong leadership, it has lead to some fracturing. I don't have nearly enough tin-foil available to believe that just because people choose to side one way or the other means someone is a shill. People are people, they're going to follow the evidence their own way, in their own time. They'll see things differently.

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I sat on him. He died. Oops!

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Being a whore takes much time and effort.

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The fucktard is probably building new alts, so he can support himself in debates and hide he is a SBBHer.

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From what I gather, he came out of "semi-retirement" and got back to work. He's been traveling and doesn't have time to post here anymore. It cold be a ruse, but unless anyone gives me reason to suspect otherwise, I'll take him at his word.

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I cost a lot to feed so he had to get back out there and make more money. It takes a lot to keep these gargantuan curves that he likes!

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