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Fuck the NFL and fuck criminal niggers with multi-million dollar salaries who feel 'oppressed'.

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My feeling exactly

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Ratings have a bottom of zero. Zero, that's how low they can go.

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He’s not wrong.

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My beginning disenchantment with NFL started years ago when I was a normie. I HATED the after play nigger antics. It was not sportsmanship as I was raised to understand it.

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Man, I played a lot of sports growing up and sportsmanship is an ideal we strive towards, not a reality. People would spit on their hands after games and shake yours, deliberately cheat and try to injure you...do what you have to to win is unfortunately how it goes sometimes. Like the old Barkley commercial for Nike, I think, “I am not a role model”.

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The numbers are acknowledged all around to be down.

but there may be extenuating circumstances

The early numbers for the season opener don't tell the whole story. Lightning in Philadelphia delayed the game by 45 minutes, with kick off starting at 9:05 pm EST. The game ended at midnight on the East Coast. It was a lackluster match-up with the Eagles trailing at 6 to 3 at halftime.

Viewers appeared to tune in early with numbers peaking late in the first quarter at 9:30 to 9:45 pm EST.

Last year's season opener was also hampered by weather. Hurricane Irma was hurtling towards the Southeast region of the country at the time, prompting around the clock news coverage.

Despite the chatter around the NFL's flagging ratings, the games are still the biggest ratings draw on TV. The numbers for Thursday's game doubled the combined prime time averages of ABC, CBS and Fox. It also has the biggest rating for any sporting event since the 2018 Winter Olympics.

So it might be a part of the larger trend in the general glacial decline of Network TV . . .


Summer TV viewing is showing no improvement in declining viewership among virtually all networks. Only Fox, MTV, and Comedy Central had much to cheer about in July -- the only TV networks showing gains in that month versus the same month a year before, according to MoffettNathanson Research.

Prime-time TV was down 12% during the month to a Nielsen C3 18-49 viewership of 16 million -- with broadcast losing 10% and cable networks down 13%. June's total TV prime-time ratings were down 9%, and May showed a loss of 5%. The Nielsen C3 metric is the average minute commercial rating plus three days of time-shifted viewing.

Total day viewership posted slightly worse results, falling 13% to an average 10 million total C3 18-49 viewers -- with broadcast losing 8% and cable off 15%. Fox benefited from the World Cup in July -- posting a 5% gain to average 836,000 18-49 C3 viewers in prime time. ABC was down 6% to 838,000, while CBS went 15% south to 744,000 viewers and NBC lost 17% to 997,000.

Viacom's Comedy Central added 16,000 total day 18-49 C3 viewers in the month and its sister network MTV added 4,000 more. But Viacom also had some big losers. Among the top 25 cable networks, Nickelodeon was down 93,000 and Nick-at-Nite was off 89,000.

Looking at overall TV cable network groups, Fox did the best among the losers -- down 4% to 1.1 million prime-time C3 18-49 viewers for all its networks, while Discovery dropped 6% to 2.5 million. Viacom sank 8% to 2.3 million, A+E Networks was 10% lower to 998,000, and NBCUniversal was off 14% to 1.6 million.

The next four were Time Warner, dropping 16% to 1.8 million; all independent networks, also giving up 16% to 910,000; AMC Networks, which declined 17% to 522,000, and Disney-ABC, which sank 28% to 640,000.

so in context we have the NFL


Ratings for the National Football League are smaller than they were three years ago. But they are still a lot bigger than everything else on TV.

The NFL is an important source of income for major networks that broadcast the games, bringing in significant advertising revenue and fees from cable and satellite companies that carry them. NBC, CBS and Fox each spend around $1 billion annually in rights fees, while ESPN pays $1.9 billion for “Monday Night Football.”

Despite the challenges, network executives say the demand for commercial time in the telecasts remains strong. Ad Age recently reported that 30-second spots on Fox’s “NFL Thursday Night Football” are going for $563,000 each, topping last year’s prices. During the Super Bowl, which will air on CBS, advertisers will pay as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot.

“Even though the ratings have been down the last few years, it’s still very attractive to advertisers,” said CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the ratings bounce back this year. I’m hoping that they do.”

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WTF? Are you saying that those NFL idiots are still in business? Fuck. Who the hell is supporting that take a knee bullshit?

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Nike. lol.

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Great reply. One upvoat.

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A lot because from what I remember the mafia runs the NFL at the top level, gambling which equals rigging games via players and coaches etc..

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Rain delay hurt ratings, guaranteed.

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The NFL makes money, not by filling stands, but by advertising and gear. We all know this. So if you DO feel like you have watch it. Please at least watch the replay games and don't give them any ad money. The advertising agencies go by how many view it live.

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Yeah when it is no longer about an actual fan base going to games that says alot. But it looks glorious seeing all them empty seats.

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this exactly

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