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Because personal responsibility is too hard.

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never truer words were spoken.

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This is literally the source of so many woes in our society these days.

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Condoms break. kids are stupid. Pills get forgotten. People lie. Rape happens. It's a conspicuous viewpoint to say that abortion is not one part of taking personal responsibility for reproduction, a matter of defense in depth. It doesn't make sense if you're really arguing based on the belief that people should be responsible for pregnancy.

But it all makes sense if you're arguing based on "I want people to be punished for having sex" or "I think a newly-implanted egg is the same as a fully formed human being because of one vague sentence in the Bible so I confabulate arguments to oppose abortion"

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"I think a newly-implanted egg is the same as a fully formed human being [...]"

Abortions don't usually happen to "newly-implanted eggs". The majority of abortions occur at 8 to 12 weeks. This is what that looks like.

If you're going to justify the murder of unborn children, at least have the decency to be honest about it.

Condoms break. kids are stupid. Pills get forgotten. People lie. Rape happens. It's a conspicuous viewpoint to say that abortion is not one part of taking personal responsibility for reproduction, a matter of defense in depth.

Murdering miniature people-to-be to cover for your mistakes is the opposite of taking responsibility. Not principally any different from murdering your kids after they are born, for any of the same reasons. Drawing the line at passing through the birth canal (or being cut out through the abdomen), because a law book said so, is at least as arbitrary as drawing it at conception, because a god book said so.

I'm not even fundamentally against abortion. Perfectly called for in the case of rape babies or genetic defects, for example. It's still murder. But sometimes murder is justifiable. Your arguments, however, fall somewhere between disingenuous and (self-)deceptive.

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Not to mention that abortion clinics have been known to do late-term abortions, usually using a hammer to bash the skull of the newly born child in. Selling of their organs to black market medical students and who knows who else is using them for whatever reasons....


the fetus promotes its own survival by protecting its mother’s heart. Because the cells are easy to obtain from the placenta and unlikely to cause immunological reactions, they could provide a new and potentially limitless source of stem cells for repairing damaged hearts.

“The study is the first to show conclusively that fetal cells contained in the placenta assist in cardiac tissue repair,” says Jakub Tolar, director of stem-cell therapies at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

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Excellent response, well said

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This is what that looks like

It looks like a person so it is a person isn't a compelling point.

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Rape happens.

Fun fact.

In Roe v Wade, the pregnant woman initially lied that she'd been raped in order to secure an abortion, then later admitted that she just made that up. The whole court case likely would never have occurred if she had actually been raped... you know instead of having had unsafe sex then regretting the consequences.

(Although as the woman noted, she was contacted by the lawyers looking for a case and not vice versa, so the lawyers would have eventually found someone else to get it legalized. Also, abortion was technically only legal in case of risk to the mother, but she claimed rape because doctors would nearly always allow it in cases of legitimate rape.)

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Yeah, I knew Norma McCorvey (the pregnant woman), she became active in pro-life circles later in life.

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Condoms break. kids are stupid. Pills get forgotten.

These are all voluntarily understood and accepted risks of participating in the very adult, very high-consequence activity of having sex. If you're not adult enough to accept these, you're not adult enough to have sex.

People lie.

Seems a great reason to vet the person for a sexual relationship first via dating rather than just jumping in the sack together after a few messages on Tinder.

Rape happens.

This tiny minority doesn't justify the enormous majority.


And, look, I've certainly been no angel in my life. It does seem to me though that in a really healthy society, these would be the attitudes of most rational people, enforced very strongly socially and passed to children as soon as appropriate. The epidemic of voluntary abortion is a symptom of a very perverted, unwell society.

"I want people to be punished for having sex"

I really want to pick up on this one. Pregnancy is not punishment. Having a child is not punishment. What an absurd strawman! It's no more "punishment for sex" than obesity is "punishment for overeating" or death is "punishment for playing Russian Roulette". It's the risk one accepts when they participate in that behaviour. It's natural, normal, and entirely passive. There is no person or thing punishing anyone in any way, it's simply the natural order.

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It's not a punishment, it's just consequences! That's totally different!

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Oy vey

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Roe v. Wade has been a great tool for the original mandate of Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger was a believer in eugenics.

It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 16 million abortions. Michael Novak had calculated "Since the number of current living Blacks (in the U.S.) is 36 million, the missing 16 million represents an enormous loss, for without abortion, America's Black community would now number 52 million persons. Source: blackgenocide.org

I see no better reason for keeping Roe v. Wade

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Only 52 million? 45 years is about 3 black generations, that aborted 16 million and their crotchfruit would have probably ended up numbering 50+ million in that time.

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Stolen. Thank you.

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Because people are stupid monkeys.

Eugenics builds nations - unchecked breeding destroys them.

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Evolution isnt true. Monkeys dont have abortions

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Which mechanism of natural selection is false? Do you even understand what evolution is?

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I am 100% pro-abortion, abortion on demand. It is absolutely murder, without a question, but any woman willing to do...I don't want their genes in my civilization any more. I'm not adopting someone else's kid, so I don't feel like I have the right to force the unwanted bastard into the world.

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Personally, I am under the impression that the argument of when abortion is wrong, comes down to the individuals belief of when an embryo is considered a person. Which is then split into someone's beliefs in the concept of a soul, in the religious perspective.

IF souls exists in a religious perspective; THAN embryos are human from the moment of conception, and therefore are awarded the same consideration all humans would have at any age. In which case their destruction; or more appropriate, murder; would be morally wrong.

From the other side.

IF souls do not exist, as in the secular perspective; THAN what constitutes human life must be quantified by it's cognitive separation from animal life, or when physical/cognitive ability allows for self sustainability of a life form.

From the non-secular prospective, there could be no deviation from life at conception (unless some held-doctrine states otherwise.) This would mean abortion is equal to unjustifiable murder from all most moral realms, and would constitute an obligation to fight against.

From the secular prospective, there exists a conundrum of what establishes the differentiation of human, and non-human. Without expanding too much on that conundrum, there doesn't seem to be a logical conclusion of being human; as in being significantly different from non-human, and not just having a genetic make-up of human; at conception. Which infers the question of, "at what point is abortion murder?" being arguable, depending on what variables constitute humanity.

*edit: didn't answer the question asked. Taking from above. If your religious, abortion equates to being an irresponsible POS. If not, and your reasoning the embryo is not human at the time of extraction; It wouldn't be any different than tattoo removal.

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An abortion is either like getting rid of a clump of cells or it's killing a possible human. So it's either like pooping or killing a baby. Anyone who is intellectually honest will agree it's more like killing a baby. The question is then is it okay for women to kill their babies? I say no.

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Trying to place that analogy. Feel like Ben Shapiro or Michael Knowles said that in the last few months

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“I can perceive of no precise moment at which life begins other than conception.” - Francis Collins

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Probably for the same reason that paternity tests are considered evil. Women refuse responsibility for their actions.

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Because the left tries to treat people like children. Just take a look at socialism.

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