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I haven't been impressed with wranglers for anything above very light duty work. They seem to only last me a few days of hard work before the knees start ripping.

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Why are you wearing jeans for anything above light duty work?

Get some actual work pants.

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I'd go Wrangler only because they are the direct competitor. If you are sending Levi a message, that's how you do it.

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Made in 90% Islam Bangledesh. They sold us out after the 70's.

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How are there sizes compared to Levi's? I wear 33 ish waist and 34 inseam

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No idea, haven't worn jeans in years now it's slacks or shorts.

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I'm of similar size (34/34 6'3) and honestly loved the fit of the previous pair of Gap 1969 regular fit jeans I got. I'm sure they are made by children or are a terrible company but I liked them enough to buy 3 pairs of the same model.

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I stitch my own jeans out of old sail cloth and dye them blue with Democrat blood. For the rivets, I make those out of spent .224 valkyrie cases.

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Using .224 valkyrie to extract the blood, I hope.

Circle of life.

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Thanks for the heads up on All American. New to me and I'll check them out. Also, seems they won't be playing sjw anytime soon. They've got stones to put this right into their website given current political climate.

Our Success Formula
First and foremost all thanks and glory be to God.

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Them or texas jeans. Carhartt doesn't make thier pants here and they run small for us fatties.

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I appreciate the source. Kinda chubby myself. I'm eating fewer carbs and sugar and that is helping. I'm getting to wear some older jeans from the back of the closet.

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Just wanted to say thanks again for the heads up on All American Clothing. I bought two pair of jeans and am very happy with them.

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you're welcome. glad I could be of help.

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There is a SERIOUS opportunity that is opening up these days.

All of these major brands that are creating a new niche market, that someone needs to fill.

Conservative branded clothing and shoes.

I'm not saying the clothings style needs to have printed on tshirts some quote about the 2nd amendment... it can! But no that's not it.

I'm talking about clothing made in America and a company with wholesome values and advertisements that use the nuclear family.

Make people feel comfortable when buying this brands clothing!

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Seriously, checked out all of these and there are zero slim jeans. I fucking love 511's and none of these come close.

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look how well black rifle coffee co is doing

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With room for your balls. Every pair of jeans I own, the seam splits my balls and pinches them.

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I'm not a conservative and I would love that.

I would pour my wallet into a company that sources and produces in the US. Once they get the legal kinks out with hemp, plenty of places will pop up.

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I like Carhartt

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I forgot about them somehow. Ill check them out at my local tractor supply company store.

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Carhartt moved production overseas if that plays any role in your decision. I switched to roundhouse for my overalls. I don't have any experience with their jeans because decent jeans are plentiful in the local thrift stores but their overalls are good.

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Carhartt is a Detroit company, they’re always good for work but for just jeans to wear I go Lee bootcuts. They’ve been around since the 1800’s too. I’ve had pairs last years.

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Good luck

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Duluth Trading Company "Ballroom" Jeans. Everything they make is quality.

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Reviews say that they only have 5 belt loops? That won't work for in the waist conceal carry....

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I've never had a problem with them carrying a 1911 in a belt holster. They have big ass belt loops, or at least the pair I have does.

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Sounds more like a Belt problem. If you aren't already wearing a dedicated gun belt, pony up and try one out (just buy an Uncle Mikes $30 nylon one to start with, best of the cheapies and what I use for my work pants). If you Are using a gun belt, is it older and maybe worn? If you're hauling a full-size rig, you might need the extra internal support the better brands/models offer.

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Buy one of the flannel work shirts and horizontal shoulder that thing......always an option

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LC King, Made in the USA

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I'd never heard of this brand, but is it just me or do they have what is possibly the coolest clothing-brand logo of all time?

A hand brandishing a mace, rendered in woodcut-style art? I like it.

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I wear Dickies, they're rugged like jeans, have a relaxed fit, and come in six different colors.

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