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Ask him how many zombies Rob Zombie would rob if Rob Zombie could rob zombies.

[–] Rotteuxx 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

*How many zombies could Rob Zombie rob if Rob Zombie could rob zombies.

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Or how much cuck would a woodchuck chuck if the woodcuck could cuck Chuck

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ask him why he claims its bad to honor ones ancestry and people

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I'll look into this one

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That would actually be an excellent question. Eeven better if you're armed with a specific instance in which he said it.

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Did he say that though?

I thought he said that [paraphrasing] "Taking pride in the accomplishments of others [who look like you] does nothing for yourself. Take pride in your own actions." Or something like that.

IDK, I only listen to a bit here and there, and haven't delved into his points that much.

Please, goats, correct me if I am wrong. Thanks, goats!

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its, implied in his message because he wants individualism, and any alike group of people he calls some form of evil. ie, he hates the nazis for banding white men together, even as he himself has an audience mostly of white men

whats the most powerful grouping a man can tap into? his ancestors that's who.

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How do we best defeat jewish supremacy?

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I want to ask that but without getting kicked out

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"How do we, as a society, form a collective unconsciousness to defeat social Marxism?"

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I would like to ask him What compelled the Germans to round up the Jew's before the world wars?, secondly I'd wonder if he's read any of Pattons letters.

A simple enough question that I think the uninformed overlook. Asked in an innocent manner yet incites deep thought of the topic. Why were the Jew's rounded up?

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I thought about that but I'm worried any mention of German or ww2 stuff will trigger people.

I thought about something more in line with "if it is mostly young white men coming to you, how is advocating for our group to follow individulism while demographics are changing rapidly and other groups believe in tribalizing.." or something like that

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I think his reply would be along the lines of *individualism is vital for critical thinking which is why the west has become so great. With tribalism you have group think and to deviate from the group is to result in the deviant being punished.

What is great about western culture is that you can criticise a different way of thinking and the society normally improves from it. And we stand united because western culture has generally evolved to help your neighbour. So although you can criticise your neighbour we are also quick to forgive, take the criticism, reflect on it, adapt, and improve ourselves because of it.

But that would be me guessing. He could have some completely different answer!

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Whatever you end up asking him, don't preface it with a whole bunch of preamble to the question, just get to the fucking question; unlike a lot of people who ask him questions.

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yea, i want it to be quick.

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Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

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Ask him what to do when you're company starts pushing diversity propaganda because they want to be like Google. Please come back and let me know because I... uhh, am asking for a friend.

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Ask him "you speak of what happened in Russia quite a bit, but you never mention that it was the Jews who overthrew the Tsars that allowed it to happen. Do you at least recognize that in today's time it's the same Jews that have facilitated the destruction of the family unit and the degenerization of modern society?" If he asks for an example, say "well the biggest online porn companies like Mindgeek that own pornhub.com, blacked.com, etc. are owned by Jews, and online porn has been shown to be one of the biggest contributors to the destructuon of the family unit. And it seems to be more and more prevalent. And with this degenerate content infecting young minds it downgrades society."

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