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Land and silver/gold.

Stocks is play gambling and the house controls the odds.

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Gotta have some silver / gold. Clocks ticking.

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Crypto is bs, dont fuck with it unless the rest of your shit is straight. Otherwise have fun.

  1. 3-6months emergency cash for bills. Make any extra money WORK

  2. Survival supplies (your judgment what that means)

  3. Some stocks. President Trump has given the US an amazing gift of stock gains.

  4. Income producing assets. Real estate, businesses, rentable stuff

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Niggers keep all their money in Nike shoes for some incredibly stupid reasoning.

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In a basic fiat currency bank account. I used to do gold but checking the exchange rate 10 times a day drove me crazy. I don't invest it because I think I will need it before it would take a lot of interest.

If the currency tanked I would not be dirt poor, because it affects only imports. The price of a house is still the same. I wish it would tank, moar jobs. The price of the house would only be higher if they print money and they are not doing it.

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Lots of guns.

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My money will never go down some Wall Street rat hole. It's in the bank

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So fiat currency

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Invest in land and useful humans.

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