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more money than they should

By what manner do you compare? That almost sounds like some socialist/communist crap. They shouldn't have that much because there are poorer people? They shouldn't have that much because they made good business deals? They shouldn't have that much because they crooked and are stealing from public coffers?

It doesn't work quite as well as the echoes because "more than they should" isn't obviously objective.

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sounds like some socialist/communist crap

Valid argument and I apologize and want nothing to do with pinko-ism. I almost specified in the subject "civil servant" as in she should only have as much money as she was paid and what she could have made investing it. There's no way her or Hillary or any of those crooks could have aquired that money through the means they honestly state they earned it from. Remember they wanted Trump's tax returns so this is valid.

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Inside trading is legal for Congress. Thus absurd fortunes could be "legal".

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Maybe say it like... "telling the populace they don't deserve money, but she can fly a private jet and eat caviar"

(Is caviar what rich people eat? Is that true?)

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Just a cursory glance online - her income is less than $200k per annum, yet her net worth varies from between $16 million and around $100 million. So yes OP's title leaves a bit to be desired, but I would have to say that her net worth is suspect at the very least.

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Making "good business deals" is not so hard for a bad business when you have a family member established in Congress. Sen. Claire McRascal's husband has made over $100M building and managing nursing homes since she entered politics. Many were out of compliance with so many levels of regulation it makes your head spin. Yes, some officials are great and ethical business people who deserve large profits, and avoid conflict of interest. But there is so much "quasi legal corruption" when you get to the $Pelosi$ level.

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National Socialist actually.

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We should try to decouple it from naming the Jew. Maybe go to a single $ on each side.

I'd also suggest going with a clearer slogan like "those who have gotten rich from corruption" or even just "corrupt".

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Yes. Civil servants should only have as much money as they earned from the job and any money they earned from investing it which should all be clearly documented and public already.

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There's no better way to say corruption than Ó^O¼ø~]LÐ^L^Pªâ~@]ÂSNÂ~Y^Zà·^E^B^S^Wr+ôlàÖ2ç

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Agreed. These people are supposed to be representatives. Who do they represent in their half million dollar house or their 200k car. Not the common man, that's for sure.

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Half a million dollars won’t get you an empty lot in Pelosi’s home town.

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I don't care if people are rich if they earned it, but that bitch stole it from all of us. Unfortunately there isn't a symbol for stolen money.

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I really should have qualified what I meant by how much they should. I meant in the case of a Public Servant, how they acquired all that money should all be on the books. Clearly it is not.

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What are you talking about? The dollar sign has been a perfect representation of theft since 1973

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Ropes around their necks

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YOURS IS BETTER!!! Seriously, her name could use a No Scope mod and some 840.

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$$$Anita Sarkeesian$$$ and $$$Zoe Quinn$$$

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