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I used to, but I've gotten enough comments from "feminists" that I don't give a shit anymore. I'll offer my seat to the elderly or handicapped, but that's it. Also, it's not like she couldn't wait to feed her kid until after she got off the bus, she did it on purpose so she could post about it on Instagram.

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Just a heads up from a parent. If you don't feed a hungry baby it cries... A lot.. And loud... Also, another fun fact. Womens breasts will start squirting milk at the sound of a crying baby. What FUN!

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Womens breasts will start squirting milk at the sound of a crying baby. What FUN!

Fun indeed. I'm thinking of something where there's a lot of women and a PA system.

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She didn't ask for a seat. One of those shitskins likely would have thrown acid on her if she had asked.

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Why the hell would you bring a newborn on a SUBWAY!?!?!


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I would have offered her a seat, sure, if I actually saw her. But seeing her would be highly unlikely. The best tactic for tackling public transit while maintaining both safety and sanity, is to completely ignore all if the other commuters to the point where you are actually completely unaware of their existence. This prevents insane people from talking your damned ear off for the duration of the journey, or people asking for money.

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Looking "mean" does have its benefits. :)

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I would have punch her in the titty

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Best reply so far.

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I definitely offer my seat to elderly, injured, or pregnant people. People with kids maybe. Fat people definitely not.

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"I want equal rights!" really means I want special rights obviously because when they are treated equally it just isn't enough.

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I only do this for old people.

If you're breastfeeding, that's great, stay at home while you look after your baby.

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No. After the older woman gave her a seat, I would have grabbed the millennial shit who stole it, and thrown her out of a window. Or hurt her really bad for terrible manners. And as soon a white knight stood to defend the thrown woman, I would have carved his face up.

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It was most likely a foreigner, not just a millineal. If it were a white chick, the mother and grandma would have been able to guilt her into moving.

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