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I'm really tempted to say "Your mom".

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I'd say that the void between the super clusters is a larger void than the Virgo super cluster.

But here's a pic of the Laniakea Super cluster group. Choose a dark spot.

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Holy shit, loading that image is like being on dial-up again lol.

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It's a big universe....

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Basically we are in the boonies of our galaxy and the aye lmaos can't be bothered to come all the way out here.

Edit: Also yea. Outside of our cluster apparently ain't shit in this part of the universe.

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If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a golf-ball the electrons would orbit about 3 miles away from it.

It all is just a large void amigo.

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My ass crack!!!!

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Your mom?

It would probably be the area adjacent to wherever you say the universe ends (no more stars and shit). YOu know the detritus of the big bang. if it's expanding it has to be expanding into something. and that pretty much HAS to be infinite. So shut up.

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I'm not well versed in Astronomy but I found this.

It's 1 billion light years across.

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The space between the ears of that mindless Ocasio-Cortez bitch.

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