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I loved it.

It was at a time when USA Network was pumping out some really good shows.

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Along with that, burn notice, and white collar, USA was doing good.

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And that was also around the same time they started rebroadcasting Monk.

At least now they have Shooter. That's about the last good show from USA Network.

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...has a colored in it


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Psych is alright, but Monk is far better. Psych is sort of weird in a kind of way, but is interesting. The Black guy does not seem so bad. Does anyone know Corbin Bersen's political viewpoints. He seems sort of like a California kind of conservative. Don't know though.

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Isnt Monk a jew?

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I love that show, so glad prime picked it up after netflix dropped it. And I'd hardly consider Gus a nigger, his dad or uncle maybe, but not Gus. Come on son!

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Its fucked up what they did to Pluto.

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Have not seen or heard of it. Use your big boy words, Nigger.

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You know, about a fake psychic who solves crimes, and his colored boy assistant.

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Avoid all media it is psyop progroming, all of it, you need entertainment, sit on the porch or look out the window, just a heads up.