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Sorry to break it to you, but whether the Jews are responsible or not, it happened before, with the Roman Empire. That time it was women that were responsible. I would argue the Jews figured out they only had to manipulate the ore feeble minded of our women.

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Bzzz wrong answer... a little known psyop progrom known as ‘christianity’ was designed by the then current israeli mossad to undermine the Roman Empire and it’s gods, the ‘apostles’ and ‘jesus’ are mossad agents... israel was part of the Roman Empire and they hated each other.... the only miracle about ‘jesus’ is that the psyop progrom was successful in destroying Rome.

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Christianity was created at the start of the 4th century by Roman Emperor Constantine. Your argument is invalid.

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for over 40 years you have been blamed for everything and gotten credit for nothing by people that want to see you gone. The drumbeat never ends.

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Those arent intelligent whites. I think youre just unaware at how many stupid people there are.

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Probably right, I'm repeatedly amazed by human stupidity.

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u kno honestly I used to not want kids. The reason is that you may not know a great family life and the responsibility is overwhleming and the work may not be worth te effort so to speak because its not there...

It could also be taxing being the eldest child cometo htink about it.

Life is hard enough as it is withuot some media-matrix programmed by owners, to sell add revenue to theri friends selling us shit, all financed by their friends. If you're a man it's almost never too late to change...although some people cant.

Its a self-perpetuating meme, the no children, through bread and circus, miscegenation, also career, academia, travel, etc. It's like an objective with multiple disruptions around it.

When you look at all the ways it happens, who is behind it, then look up definiton of genocde...

but then you want something later in life, you see people with children, and certainyl being repilled and having a deeper sense of just how fucked up things are, like the OP mentions, but actually seeing things not just being a sheep.

Hopefully we can all motivate and help each other to be their best selves for themslves and their people.

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israeli propagandists took away their jobs, their stability, their monies, their neighborhoods and handed it all to incompetent cultures who destroyed their communities... and now caucasians no longer feel safe to reproduce... some people say the militaries next target needs to be israel...

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Okay, let me break this down.

Personally, I attract fucking loony-ass women. With each successive one, it gets worse and worse. My second divorce came right about midway through the last administration and, after that, I saw the left going absolutely apeshit. Most of the women in this area are just like that. Many of them wouldn't know someone worth a shit if he grabbed them by their "front holes" so I figured after the whole Duke University thing, amongst other cases, that I just wouldn't bother.

Chances are, probably going to move back down South but even then, I'm enjoying the ever-living shit out of having money for me...even if the biggest part goes to bills, having time for me, even if it is spent on electronics/coding projects, hacking things, reading, or playing video games which I don't get to do much of these days and shit like that.

Let's factor in the fact that I've seen some people here on Voat who claim they have better things to do than actually parent their kids. Okay, difference here is that at least I have the hairy nuts to fully admit that I may not be the best parent. Plus, let's think about it for just a minute.

If I became a parent, it's pretty likely I'm going to be a single parent. Homeschooling is out. I'd have to work to support the both of us and with jobs being entry-level at best, on that kind of income, it's just not happening. Second, at any job I've ever been at, I've been the go-to because I typically will do the shit other employees won't do. It doesn't open doors for me, it gets me stuck in positions that are shit pay so doing extra gets me fuck all. So I don't make Private School money and that leaves only public school which is little more than a fucking indoctrination center. If you don't think that government can use your kid as a weapon against you, then you're either A) Loaded To The Gills or B) Living somewhere else. Here in the States it can absolutely be done. I want government as much out of my life as I can get it. I do what I have to to make that happen.

For me, it's a simple formula. My situation doesn't allow for kids. No women because I'm not about to get myself stuck in a trap where some chick is accusing me of rape much later. Knowing my luck, that is exactly what I will attract. Even if I were to luck out, it won't last and then there's the joint custody (if I'm lucky) Child support + Alimony (if I'm really fucking unlucky) and then there's school/indoctrination and College/Indoctrination Advanced, Vengeance-addled churchgoers who don't understand a polite decline of their invitation to attend or join their church (those fucks love to call CPS on you if you won't go and join). It's added fucking stress and I can totally live without it. I have siblings that have children and I'd rather be the crazy uncle because I can fade into the background for a bit until any heat dies out. With kids of my own...not so much.

I'm sure there are about to be about a hundred plus suggestions and comments and look, it's been twenty years or more of considering this shit and nothing barring a miracle will ever change that so please, save it. It's the only time I'm going to ask nicely.

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Because the average white is retarded