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You live in a hell hole. It's not like that everywhere.

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You have a suggestions because I have traveled the lower 48 and have yet to see a marked improvement anywhere.

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You sure about that?

Very tough to believe (since it's not true) that shameless liars are about same percentage of people in every region.

Southern California vs upper peninsula Michigan?

No comparison in values, that includes lying and keeping your word.

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I'd tell you where utopia is but then I'd have to kill you. It took me some bouncing around before I found this wonderful place and I'm staying put for the next decade. It's like my home state of Colorado was in 90's before all the hippies, corporate greed and commiefornians fucked it up. It's certainly not going to remain this way here either but it works for now. PM if you really want to know, this town could use a few more polite goats in my opinion.

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You live in canuckistan... move to a non shit tier non 3rd world nation.

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Any mountain community really. A resort town would have plenty of activities and entertainment for you.

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Well then help me get out lol.

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It literally is. You simply have no comprehension of what has happened to human civilization.

[–] TheKobold 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

In my experience it's usually the blacks that do it.

[–] drakesdoom2 [S] 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Every single one. Unfortunately I am seeing a distressing number of 40+ whites acting that way too.

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Yeah I see the occasional White asshole do it too in my case it's this 40 or 50 something fat blonde bitch who is stupid as a sack of rocks but thanks she can do everything right

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Usually that is the result of black culture spilling over to whites. Unfortunately black culture is deliberately being embraced (just look at what MTV turned into or the popularity of rap music). That behavior is deliberately being propped up to destabilize civilization.

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I only see that with crazy liberals (mostly Jews). The west side of Los Angeles, Berkley, Portland, Boulder, etc. A lot of them appear white at first glance, but dollars to doughnuts they're Jews.

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Life is much better once you get away from niggers.

Just find a place with very low % of niggers. Doesn't matter where. You won't have nigger problem (granted if you pick a third world then you'll still have third world problem, but you get the point). Of course if you're not native and can't speak the native language you'll get a new problem as well.

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Life is much better once you get away from niggers.

And spics. Spics are just as bad, maybe even worse. Niggers stay in their neighborhood generally. Spics drive all over the fucking place littering and spray painting every surface they can reach. They even hike in the local mountains just to graffiti on the trees and rocks. Niggers don't do that.

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It's called growing up.

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Then why are they all older then me?

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Because the age this happens at varys greatly from person to person.

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confirmation bias perhaps? the people who wouldnt lie about such thing wouldn't do them in the first place

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Emotional maturity is lacking in the present day.

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Good times breed weak men, etc, etc.

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My family was like that when I was a kid. The "doing whatever and lying to you about it" adds up and becomes gaslighting. Trying to call it out results in instant rage, as you pointed out, and culminates in unjust and cruel punishment. Not calling it out results in more insane behavior (which is no easier to endure than explicit punishment) and more gaslighting.

Don't succumb. If everyone around you is like that, leave ASAP. I am a badly damaged person because of the constant exposure to these kinds of people I had when growing up.

My mistake was that I ended up believing them when they kept telling me their way was the right way, and that my doubts and complaints were wrong (and worthy of punishment). There is no getting over the immense, incalculable amount of damage and dysfunction this has brought into my life, the effects of which continue to be a source of anguish for me on a daily basis.

tl;dr: leave!

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This shit isn't allowed in my personal circle, these are all random strangers in my day.

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Eh, my only issue is the amount of working professionals in careers of substance who put officepolitics before their job and seemingly everywhere I go management is either complicit or too incompitent to see it for what it is. The end result being that in either case its the assholes who get the promotions and the people doing the real work get left behind and forgotten.

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The end result being that in either case its the assholes who get the promotions and the people doing the real work get left behind and forgotten.

That's life mate. It's the same in politics too. It doesn't matter if you work hard, it is a must to play the politics. If you don't like politics and intrigue and don't have what it takes to be machiavellian in life then it's gonna be tough to climb the social ladder unless you are extremely talented in something.

Just look around. The biggest assholes aka virtue signaling SJWs get the most rep around. The most honest plain speaking guy get bashed for being politically incorrect. The society does not always reward the good honest hardworking person. One example: trump calling shithole as shithole, that's like saying the sky is blue and even african prez agreed with him! But what about his own "citizen"? Yep, a man is punished and hated for his honesty. Or he could plot for white genocide while virtue signaling all day long and every libtards will love him for it.

Leftists take over the west through evil means, if we keep playing nice we'll always lose.

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It's sadly a thing in the military as well.

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Its unfortunately the way the civilizational model works in a sense, especially in a highly advanced modern and global world. People held each other accountable back then. A lot of this was because was tribalism was in place.

Then when the nation-state model went into effect things changed rapidly(even in the Medieval period things were not so bad). I think the other thing is that a lot of today's power structure is run by an occultish like complex, deep state, and secret societies.

People are not held accountable as the basic level, because religion or society legitimizes to think a certain way and to believe as true, without any real grounds, and then they use this as the grounds for grounding other truth claims. It turns into one big world of contradictions. In a world like this anything goes and anything that comes into contradiction is pushed under.

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