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Can't boycott something you were never buying to begin with. Im a white adult male so i wear workboots, not those faggy looking things.

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i too would definitely boycot them if i were not already not a nigger

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Whatever you do, don't ever be a nigger.

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And there are lots of better sneaker manufacturers out there anyway. I use New Balance for their wide widths.

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You'll get your new balance 50% cheaper too since those stupid little swooshes apparently cost $80

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I'll break out a brand soapbox here, but ASICS are another good brand. It's a Japanese-owned brand, so they don't give a shit about leftist western politics and they actually make some nice stuff.

For when you want something sturdier than sneakers, I 10000% recommend White's Boots, which are made in the USA (but still owned by another Japanese company). I got a slightly custom pair of their smoke jumper's 3-4 years ago. Worth every penny, I beat the shit out of them, but take time to do a little leather care-- they still are holding up great.

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But some people who work at New Balance have said some really nasty things about Trump. You will have to boycott New Balance.

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Same issue here. I wear boots for work, on nice days if I'm going out I'm likely going on the motorcycle and some ankle support is nice. I basically don't have a reason to wear or own tennis shoes.

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what if your just lounging in the back yard or somthing....come on i know you and everybody else on here has at least one pair of shitty tennis shoes or some sort of sneakers lol

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Couldn't agree more.

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To me, it's not so much about a boycott, per se. It's more about moving on to a different product because the product I used to use (the NFL) is no longer a value to me - it no longer gives me what it used to for my time and money.

Same thing for Nike, I won't so much boycott them as much as simply buy some other shoes that I consider a better value - and yes, 'value' can include the cost of social issues that are tied to the product. Just like I won't be putting a PETA sticker on my car, I don't need to buy Nike shoes to show some sort of membership in one social club or another. I'm buying shoes without any political stigma attached.

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To me, a boycott = choice made passionately + sacrifice

While I am not dispassionate about the choice, there is no sacrifice. I'm just jumping to another close viable alternative that is unlikely to impact my personal life very much. It's an application of buying power and choice.

This is one important aspect of capitalism I think the Left likes to conveniently pretend does not exist, although they benefit from it as well. Would love to see their opinions when there aren't alternatives and the same government shoes and clothes has us all looking exactly the same. These people for whom half their identity is their highly overpriced foreign-made hipster clothes. The irony is hilarious.

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I think you and I would have a great time bullshitting over a few drinks.

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Mizuno makes awesome running shoes, had two pairs in about 7 years because they last so long. Changed from nike cause they didn't hold up more than a season. I still use my old mizunos for yardwork too. My wife has been a loyal nike customer, as pissed as she is I believe that is about to change.

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You also have Asics, Adidas, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, and many more.

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I stopped buying anything Nike when they outsourced and started using child labor to make their products. There was a soccer coach who protested their use of child slave labor and when his university signed a contract with Nike, they made him quit. Here is a facebook link to his organization Team Sweat. This stupid virtue signal is going to bring a huge light to their ongoing practices.

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I already did 2 years ago when they shit canned Manny Pacquiao for saying (in response to the question) that his Christian faith tells him homosexuality is wrong. He further said he has a cousin that is a practicing homosexual, that he still loves and associates with, but still believes what his faith (and common sense) tells him. Let all the nitwit corporations circle the toilet on their way down the drain. Good for them.

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I wish I could but I haven't bought anything made by Nike in years.

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Yep. The plan I read about online is to both boycott and emotionally torment idiots who wear their shit brand.

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Didn't know about the emotional torment, thanks.

Ruining a huge brand is going to be great for us.

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How about aroma therapy with liquid ass? Those NFL stores cover up the aroma gifts as if they wish to keep the secret up their corporate ass.

Fucking greedy bastards will not share the beauty of our hero worship with the cops. They must fear the copy cat love. Fuck 'em, Nike needs some love'in too.

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What he said.

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