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Gender dysphoria is a mental illness


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although obesity is the primary cause of the decreasing testosterone levels. Pollution is also playing a large role. look up Xenoestrogens.

Then we have Phytoestrogen. Note that there are a few government funded studies that stats that Phytoestrogen in plants haven no feminizing effect. The same government thats wished you would eat 70%+ grains. Phytoestrogen are in all plants mostly legumes and root vegetables. There is a lot in hops beer, flax seeds and Soy beans. If a child has iodine deficiency ( most UK children ) and eats a lot of phytoestrogen. There hormones will be disrupted.

Add that with a selenium deficiency from parents forcing the child on to a plant based diet. And you get are sure to fuck up their hormones.

sv3rige (stares at the sun, eat raw meat and belies in flat earth as well as other things ) . Has found some videos of what vegan kids eat in a day. Thee are better examples of boys looking like girls on a vegan diet but this might do for now


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I've been cutting down on carbs the last 2 weeks, the first time I've ever done a diet. I feel great, have way more energy than usual.