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Black people require different medicine than white people because their genetic patterns are so different. For example, a black man with high blood pressure needs calcium channel blockers instead of ace inhibitors. In the US, there's some pushback against this kind of treatment, and the idea of race in general, from the "we're all the same" crowd, but it's true.


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Black babies are able to support their heads on their own when they are born. R and K selection is not taught. Pretty much all science facts are distorted or only given half the story in school. Drs will generally give you whatever the pharma company is paying them to give to you.


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R/k selection is a great red pill for (most) people to swallow.

The African population of South Africa wants to blame the white government of almost 30 years ago for all their problems whereas the truth is it probably has much more to do with the population growing too rapidly. For example, America's population has quadrupled from ~84 million to ~328 million in the last 100-110 years, but South Africa's has grown from 5.1m to 57.7m in the same time period!

And the growth rate by ethnic group has been very different, as well. Add to that the fact that most children of certain ethnic groups are raised by single mothers.


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That took a while to track down, but it's Kenyan children that don't pass till 6 years old.. It said nothing about western blacks.


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Redheads also require more anesthetic for surgeries.

This could be why they are more prone to alcoholism. It's takes more to get drunk.


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like the elves of lore, ey?


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Require more freezing from dentist. Have higher natural pain thresholds and over heat easily. Also wicked alcohol tolerance. Not all redheads, and you don't need to be a red head. Some with lots of Viking blood too.


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That is taught in pharmacology.


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In a similar vein, bone marrow donors need an almost identical genetic match. But (((Racemixing))) contributes to diversity goyim!