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Black people require different medicine than white people because their genetic patterns are so different. For example, a black man with high blood pressure needs calcium channel blockers instead of ace inhibitors. In the US, there's some pushback against this kind of treatment, and the idea of race in general, from the "we're all the same" crowd, but it's true.

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Black babies are able to support their heads on their own when they are born. R and K selection is not taught. Pretty much all science facts are distorted or only given half the story in school. Drs will generally give you whatever the pharma company is paying them to give to you.

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R/k selection is a great red pill for (most) people to swallow.

The African population of South Africa wants to blame the white government of almost 30 years ago for all their problems whereas the truth is it probably has much more to do with the population growing too rapidly. For example, America's population has quadrupled from ~84 million to ~328 million in the last 100-110 years, but South Africa's has grown from 5.1m to 57.7m in the same time period!

And the growth rate by ethnic group has been very different, as well. Add to that the fact that most children of certain ethnic groups are raised by single mothers.

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That took a while to track down, but it's Kenyan children that don't pass till 6 years old.. It said nothing about western blacks.


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Redheads also require more anesthetic for surgeries.

This could be why they are more prone to alcoholism. It's takes more to get drunk.

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like the elves of lore, ey?

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Require more freezing from dentist. Have higher natural pain thresholds and over heat easily. Also wicked alcohol tolerance. Not all redheads, and you don't need to be a red head. Some with lots of Viking blood too.

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That is taught in pharmacology.

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In a similar vein, bone marrow donors need an almost identical genetic match. But (((Racemixing))) contributes to diversity goyim!

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Gender dysphoria is a mental illness

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although obesity is the primary cause of the decreasing testosterone levels. Pollution is also playing a large role. look up Xenoestrogens.

Then we have Phytoestrogen. Note that there are a few government funded studies that stats that Phytoestrogen in plants haven no feminizing effect. The same government thats wished you would eat 70%+ grains. Phytoestrogen are in all plants mostly legumes and root vegetables. There is a lot in hops beer, flax seeds and Soy beans. If a child has iodine deficiency ( most UK children ) and eats a lot of phytoestrogen. There hormones will be disrupted.

Add that with a selenium deficiency from parents forcing the child on to a plant based diet. And you get are sure to fuck up their hormones.

sv3rige (stares at the sun, eat raw meat and belies in flat earth as well as other things ) . Has found some videos of what vegan kids eat in a day.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03YbD0EYO0A Thee are better examples of boys looking like girls on a vegan diet but this might do for now

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I've been cutting down on carbs the last 2 weeks, the first time I've ever done a diet. I feel great, have way more energy than usual.

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Nazi party started in response to multi attempted coups of the German government by Jewish lead bolshevick communists. Jewish people were boycotting German goods and stores long BEFORE the Nazi's in acted the boycott of Jewish good.
The sphinx may actually date back to before 10,000 BC, but all research is stopped and heavily controlled by the head Egyptologist, forget his name.
Many/Most American Indian tribes were war hungry, and even cannibalistic.

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It's also probable that the Sphinx' head was originally a normal lion head, that was altered centuries later by one of the pharaohs.

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As much credence this holds given their fascination astronomy, I personally believe that its Anubis, as his head fits a lot better than a lion, also the sphinx is in the Anubis position or so it appears, only its been carved multiple times over the millennia until we have what we do today only given the fact as I said in another comment the sphinx's enclosure has rainfall which predates the time of Leo by another 12000 plus years.

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This is tied to he was built during the age of Leo.

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No, The Sphinx was always the Head of a Man on the body of a lion. The Elite in egypt believed the lion was the top of the food chain because it ate humans, and so they practiced cannabalism like the Elite’s of today.

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Hitler wrote about the atrocity of the Holodomor and his concern was that the Jewish Bolsheviks were going to do the same to his own people based on the events that were happening in his country at that time and how they mirrored the events that led up to the Holodomor. Hitler didn't wake up one day and decide to go to war for no reason.

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The Sphinx shows signs of water erosion.

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the Nile flooded every year in ancient Egypt and it was a very swampy area

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Look up the aztec temple in mexico.. they are digging out the sckulls of men, women and children there is a picture on line and the hole looks deep.. they are in the thousands and dont see an end in sight yet.. they are digging carefully obviousoy so it takes a long time but damn the picture makes it look huge and who knows what the real numbers where.. that being said it also might have been a way for them to fight over population the thing that had destroyed a couple south american civilizations.

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Nah, they were just brutal fucking savages. They practiced human sacrifice because they were Proud Aztec Warriors just like modern MS-13.

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Atoms don't look like tiny planets. It's just the easiest way for simple brains to understand it.

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What do they look like?

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Like clouds made of probability

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Individual atoms can't be made visible to the human eye. Thus they don't "look" like anything. The instruments used to image them only create a visual representation based on limited data.

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I don't think there is a conceive of how they look. For example, electrons don't orbit like they are going around in rings. They can only be described as being a probability of being in a specific location. It is far more abstract the simple models make it

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Electrons are more likely to be fields rather than individual particles. It's just easier to think of them that way.

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True, but they do teach this in school. At least, they did in mine, and that was some time ago.

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simple brains

What a ✡ coincidence of shapes.

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There are only two genders, male and female. You are how you were born?

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*There are only two sexes

FTFY gender is a made up term by a pedophile

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John Money?

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Gender is a grammatical term made up by linguists.

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This is a good one. I'm looking for something a little more obscure, though.

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Global warming is bullshit?

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Do you know what a Hermaphrodite is? They occur naturally in nature.

...and unnaturally if Mom eats too much of that Chicken Atrazini..

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Did you like, know that like, some people are born without arms? Like omg it's a new species.

They are defective humans, not a third sex.

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Yeah whatever.

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Damn it, you already said it. lol

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Tesla disagreed with Einstein s relativity because it eliminated the aether. This has never been satisfactorily resolved.

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From what I understand, Tesla disagreed with a lot of Einstein's thought experiments and the science of the time that boiled down to 'make it work on paper, not in practice.' He preferred old-fashioned experiments.

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EVERYBODY disagreed with Einstein when it came to the weirder results of his theory. Black holes and time dilation were such wild concepts that a lot of folks didn't want to believe him.

At the time, equations were all they could work with because we didn't have instruments sensitive enough to measure his predictions. But one by one, as we get chances to confirm them, Einstein's theories just keep getting proven right.

Back then the complaint was that fucking with equations is no substitute for real experiments and that IS a valid criticism, it's just Einstein turned out to be right anyway.

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Probably a lot of things about Tesla. He is usually largely skipped over when discussing the history of electricity

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Didn't he invent a/c electricity?

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her der dark mater

so much time and money is being wasted on trying to get the observational universe to fit Einstein 100year old ideas

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There is an aether. But these days scientists (mostly just self-aggrandizing “mathematicians”) call it the ‘electromagnetic field’. Still the same damned thing.

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A woman retains the DNA of all her sexual partners if she has received their semen inside of her or even on her skin. Even more so when she is pregnant with a male child. That DNA is present within her body for the rest of her life. This causes her to be incapable of fully bonding with a male partner which is why women with multiple partners before marriage have a high rate of divorce than virgins. This process is called microchimerism.

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Really? I read this a lot and some of teh studies arent as comprehensive as I like. Something on pigs form russia or china but not usa

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It's not true, but close. Any baby a woman has conceived mixes blood with the mother. If that baby is male (Y chromosome) that Y chromosome is easily detectable among the sea of XX blood of the mom. Some of that male babies blood passes the blood brain barrier of the mom and is detectable during an autopsy decades later. This Y chromosome op mentioned is a male partner originated, but is her childs in actuality. This could be from a miscarriage that she never knew she had, an abortion, a still born or a live birth. So if your wife had a previous partner there is a possibility what he said is true, but only if she conceived and had a placenta form.

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This is not scientific fact. The most comprehensive study I could find was done on flies. The offspring of the next generation was more likely to be a similar size to the first sexual partner the flies had, not the second.

This is just a theory Voat really likes the idea of. We have yet to see a scientific study giving up confirmation or hard proof when it comes to humans and what types of traits it connects to. It there is a chance, it must be a very tiny one and smaller traits. Majority of females are not virgins when they marry anymore. And we typically don't see bizarre children that don't look like the father due to past sexual partners.

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You got some more material on that? I’ve never heard of anything like that and I’d really like to check it out.

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There was a time on voat when it was being posted and discussed practically every day. If you duckduckgo "microchimerism" and "voat" you should find the posts. Ofcourse you can search for just microchimerism but I love reading the voat comments on these sorts of topics, great insight and opinions and more importantly, people provide additional evidence/links/new info.

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That is a popular urban myth.

If a white woman fucked Only blacks and then decided to have a baby with a white male then that baby should look black by that hypothesis.

Also the bonding aspect is shit too. I know a couple of women who played around and now are faithfully married. They said they just wanted to have fun.

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check out this blog and search the tags, titles and posts. read the comments sections as well.


Many, many linked studies and discussions supporting this and other lie busting truisms trays feminists hate.

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This causes her to...

You actually attempted to stick to facts until you completely made up this part.

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Is it really that multiple partners leads to an unfaithful woman, or that a faithful woman is unlikely to have many sexual partners?

A good thing to keep in mind when dating regardless.

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Eating three meals per day is a modern practice that is unnecessary and unhealthy. Humans were designed to undergo long periods of fasting, typically lasting 48 to 72 hours, or sometimes up to 7-14 days, depending on how much fat you store.

Carbohydrates are often consumed while feeding. Your muscles and your brain use this as its main source of energy via glucose after feeding. Excess glucose is converted to glycogen, and is broken down back into glucose as needed. After ~24 hours of not eating, the liver is depleted of glycogen. The body does not "starve"; Instead, it breaks down excess fat for energy (ketosis). During all of this, no muscle is ever broken down for energy like in caloric-restriction diets.

More information and benefits of fasting can be found here:


And check out the channel 'Snake Diet' on jewtube.

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Dropped almost 50 lbs in the last 4.5 months by fasting. I was bulky, but not 'fat', just barrel chested. (I'm a big dude.) My blood sugar dropped, good cholesterol went up, bad went down, and my blood pressure is now on the low side of average.

I will never stop 16-8 fasting now. It's easy as hell and the upside is huge.I wish I would have started decades ago.

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easy maybe if you are not an alcoholic. I am so with every day a hangover it would be hard not to eat.

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Been doing the snake diet (though I said "nope" when he started advocating drinking his own piss) since January. teaspoon of both No-Salt and Sea Salt per 500ml. I re-feed every other day, and it's always meat. I'm dropping weight like a brick (over 60lbs), and I don't really have loose skin.

Parent post is smart as fuck.

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Eat lots of properly raised animals and fast.

Its quite surprising how much muscle you can gain after sorting out your hormones even with out exercise

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Notice how your hands get cold, your sex drive lowers, and your strength lessens? There are major sideeffects to this.

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