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I accidentally hit the random nsfw button

Starting your post with an obvious lie... -eyebrow rises-

blah blah blah.. What should I/we do, or who to report this to internally.

This your first day here? "internally" lol

I would hate for something to happen to voat because of some disgusting pedophilia shit on this site.

That sounds like a veiled threat. What is your true business here Mr. Zombieaccount?

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Drawn pictures are legal.

Voat has always maintained if its legal its allowed.

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Fair enough. I'll block the sub and goat on.

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Also, giving degenerates their only little space to be gross is great for quarantine.

I remember when /u/hecho used to flood /v/AskVoat with jailbait and other shit. It took doxxing him to get him to stop. If they have their own space to do their shit then I can easily avoid them.

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America went a little insane the day it decided that looking at a photograph was somehow a crime of some kind. How long it will continue to be insane in this way is anyone's guess, but the insanity is only getting worse. Now many people want to make looking at a drawing a crime. There's nothing you can say to these people -- they have lost all trace of proportion or common sense. And many of them are in positions of power and authority. Welcome to the nuthouse.

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k pedo