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Ding Ding Ding !

Prejudice is a naturally engrained survival mechanism.

"Qui se ressemble, s'assemble" - those who look similar, group together.

Without this naturally prejudiced way of thinking, diversity wouldn't exist. By grouping together with similar individuals, we're able to develop homogeneous societies with common goals & beliefs. This leads to the development of different cultures & traditions, it leads to diversity.

(((Racism))) is pro diversity.

Without prejudice, there would be no variety of cultures & traditions. Only an ugly melting pot of incompatible values inevitably leading to violence as naturally occurring groups try to organize to form a unifying identity for themselves.

Has your baby ever seen a nigger in person ? I'd be curious about their reaction then...

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I agree 100%. He’s only been around them in passing at stores and the like. A negro cashier tried to talk to him before and he got a really weird look on his face and wouldn’t talk to it

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He has good reflexes, he'd probably cry for help if one would try to touch him.

Having read your reply to @BloodandHonour, have you considered bringing up the subject that only after going through massive state mandated brainwashing does an individual relax his survival instincts and opens up to mixing with other races ?

It ain't natural if it takes conditioning to go against it.

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talk to IT... love it.

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his instincts are good. not even i would talk to one.

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Ever read Freuds civilization and it's discontents.

One part he deconstructs the idea of love thy neighbors...basically if you love all people equally, your love has no value...why would I love some shit stain off the street as much as my brother, my mother, my son?

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No I haven't, I've never really read any of his work directly for that matter. I grew up with access to a library full of mostly socio-constructive & behavioral books though, it's good to understand people early on !

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So far 3 people downvoted this thread, 3 niggerlovers or liberal offended faggots.

edit: 6 as of now, they keep coming

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Probably individuals with very weak survival instincts & a limited amount of useful abilities who need to rely on others to meet their basic needs.

Or our resident kike shills.

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I was ready to downvoat this so hard, because i remember reading an article with the same headline, and it was full on leftist propaganda. actually found it here.

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oh no 6 people like niggers. there would be a problem if the downvotes were higher than upvotes.

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When I was a kid I had a dog that would bark and become aggressive only around blacks.

He was fine with anyone else, even with strangers, but he went off like an alarm any time any blacks were nearby.

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My grandma had one like that, not uncommon.

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Of course it is. My seven year old niece thinks its weird that black men date white women and vice versa.

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Your niece is on the right path.

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You know how sometimes Jews say we need to listen to the children? This is the children we should be listening to. It would be hilarious to see a commercial listening to a bunch of racist toddlers give us life wisdom.

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Eventually the schools will tech her that it's wrong to think that way, 17 she will be dating a nigger.

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a pox upon ye for even thinking this.

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Living with my idiot brother, she'll probably be pregnant by age 14....

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Why haven't you shielded her from knowing that's "a thing" to begin with? Must be your hippy dippy neo-pagan California "culture" huh?

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Because they see it in public eventually whether you want them to or not. Better to educate.

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Ah, yes. Let's just pretend that things we don't like simply don't exist. That's not how you raise a liberal at all.

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Did you grow up an over protected mama's boy ?

It would explain some, buddy ol'boy !

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Still feel like shit about your own faith, eh?

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It is natural, I think even most SJWs recognize that. That's the thing, they consider it natural yet believe it has no basis in reality. They feel guilty for their inborn racism and ability to recognize patterns yet they feel enlightened for trying to overcome that. Kind of like a celibate priest feeling enlightened for overcoming (or denying) his sexual urges.

That's also the reason why they try to indoctrinate young children. And probably also the reason why there's a black baby in your children's book.

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Oh ya, it's natural, and the SJWs recognize it, why do you think they have to fight so hard over false pretenses.

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It is natural, I think even most SJWs recognize that. That's the thing, they consider it natural yet believe it has no basis in reality. They feel guilty for their inborn racism and ability to recognize patterns yet they feel enlightened for trying to overcome that. Kind of like a celibate priest feeling enlightened for overcoming (or denying) his sexual urges.

I don't think their objection is a matter of having no basis in reality as much as “overcoming your base instincts”, and not necessarily as a matter of enlightenment —and in abstract it's quite understandable: after all, we wouldn't have a sustainable society if we all behaved simply following instinct. Society is built on top of the regulation of instinctual behavior, it derives from the formalization of instinctual behavior. I think your example of celibacy in priesthood can be extended to show what I mean. Try subverting it to “what would happen if nobody tried anything to keep their sexual urges in check?”.

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They believe that all people are born equal, that any observable difference is due to culture, education and especially oppression/exploitation. The same applies to any difference between the two sexes. Anyone who is more successful than someone else is exploiting them, if not directly than still benefiting by societal exploitation. It doesn't matter that men work more hours and have more work related deaths etc. - they are more successful than women therefore they oppress them.

Yes, our biological urges have to be controlled and cannot be freely expressed. But it is all about balance. What happens if everyone completely suppresses their sexual drives? We will die out. We also have to regulate our violent urges, we cannot smash the head of someone just because we dislike them. But if someone kicks our family pets for no reason or harms our children we better funel our violent urges into defending ourselves and loved ones, that is their intended use. If you stand there emotionless while your family get's harmed you are a psychopath.

The society that SJWs envision isn't sustainable either,You cannot have a tolerant society and embrace intolerant foreign religions and cultures. And what they do is worse because the damage they cause will last for generations. You can recover from losing a world war and having two nukes droped on your society and yet forget about it in less than 50-100 years. Demographic, religious and cultural shifts can last centuries.

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no. your baby telling another baby 'no you cant have my book nigger' and not letting him read the book, but giving it to the white kids would be racist. (despite what certain groups want to try and tell you, you actively have to be discriminating against someone because of their race, to be racist.)

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Bingo! In my opinion, racism is what you do, not what you say. Telling a joke about racial differences isn't racist, killing a nigger just because he's a nigger, well, that may qualify as racist.

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Killing somebody for being black...maybe, but what if I kill somebody because they live a life and a culture that leeches off of others and bleeds them dry? Isn't that just self defense...protecting my property and future?

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Nah, that baby has already started its path of nigger hatred.

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Oh Rutherford....

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He is just remembering habits from a past life. Good kid.

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It's called "in-group preference". It's in all living animals. Of course it's natural.

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Forcing 3rd world multiculturalism into the West is unnatural and the people responsible should hang.

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It's force integration, it is Genocide, and the perpetrators need to be executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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It’s great to hear that you bought such inclusive, multiracial books for your baby.

Oy vey!

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My wife refuses to open her eyes to the truth despite the things I’ve told her. All I can do is (((subvert))) her

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Ah, I’m sorry to hear. Don’t let up my friend. It’s a long road. Best wishes to you

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I have a book subscription for my kids where we get a free book in the mail once a month. I've thrown away 2 out of the last 5 books because it had niggers in it. I'm not reading that to my kids

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That’s great. Yeah neither I, nor anyone in my family needs to see niggers. Especially in our own home.

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They sell it GLR's here.

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