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Because he's one of the lizard people.

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It's reptilians.

Did you just assume my species?

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Reptoid, reptilian is offensive

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The Queen of England has repeatedly denied any connection with the Podesta boys.

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I think this came out when they were seriously thinking of playing the project bluebeam card.... I'd imagine the capability to do that has now been pretty much shut down

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Please explain what this means

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Basically a false flag operation where a simulated alien attack creates chaos and unites all of humanity under one banner.

Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

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Operation Blue Beam and Operation Red light, are basically a rumoured NWO plot to plan a fake alien invasion through the most expensive laser light show ever, using satellites and chemicals in the atmosphere to project a holographic "alien threat" This line has been spouted by many leaders as a seed in the unconscious:- "A great man once said I often wonder how quickly the world could become unified and come together when faced with single outside threat from outside this world" and Projects Blue Beam and Red Light are said to have been envisaged to aid in the formation of the NWO, as the last card to be played to have the people screaming for a central authority to save them.

edit, im not 100% sure but im pretty sure that even "the protocols of the elders of zion" allude to this plan wirh a line like "....then it will be the crazy eastern dictators with nukes.... then it will be the aliens" (((They))) plan their moves by generation.

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if they tried that shit now, trumps SPACE FORCE would reply "let them try"

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He goes way back in this circle he was part of a group pushing for disclosure under Bill clinton called the rockerfeller initative iirc. If you are familiar with steven greer he was another one of them and that french looking girl that has curly hair thats on ancient aliens was also a researcher in that group. Hillary clinton was also a memeber.

This is a pretty deep rabbit hole podesta was actually on the board and quite a number of people who were interviewed have confirmed that this was a very active project. Some of their other works include the national press clubs disclosure project which spent days interviewing military and other officials under oath regarding encounters.

Edit: if i was to hazard a guess id say they probably funded the first series of ancient aliens.

Edit 2 more info : https://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller_Initiative_Documents.htm

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If you take a look at the content, it is all meant to discredit the idea of God.

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Quite possibly, whatever the motivation its about as close to project bluebeam as were going to see.

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The only people more insane than those who believe in God are those who believe in God and want to fight him. Obviously I'm not a follower but if I was I don't think I'd be stupid enough to try and trick an omniscient spirit that is literally the entire Universe.

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Podesta was Tom DeLonge's contact.

When Tony Podesta went missing for a few months, old Skippy started revealing some of his UFO stuff to distract.

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Posestas alien slant goes back before pg.

Mostly he and other government and industry types promoted Steven Greer. A disinfo huckster

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Greer got blackmailed having gay sex in a hotel in front of a hidden camera. He has a wife etc.

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Could you please explain more about this?

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Sure. Tom DeLonge (of Blink-182 "fame") decided he wanted to be a alien researcher, and got in contact with a bunch of people in government institutions. One of these turned out to be John Podesta. This wasn't named in his Joe Rogan podcast appearance (where he explained the entire thing), but it came out later.

The sad part, is the connection would've been given more gravity, had Podesta's emails (protected by "p@ssword") weren't leaked, had we not learned what Spirit Cooking was, had we not learned about his and his brother's connections to missing and exploited children, had we not learned about his connections with Tammy Luzzato. Podesta played the Alien Card in order to cover-up his past sins with a "hey, I'm one of the good guys!" play using information he held on to for years.

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Maybe the aliens told him to collect Jeffrey Dahmer inspired art, attend mock satanic rituals (probably does actual Satanic rituals as well) and host parties with kids in the hot tub for the guests "enjoyment".

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He's probably raped some alien babies at some point, I'd imagine.

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He's fascinated with aliens. Showed up in many revealed Podesta emails. Yeah, he's a weirdo

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More to the point, who was "handkerchief (white w/ black)"?

The internet is deep and wide, but it's like this white w/black handkerchief child has been erased from this existence.

Also, Kitchen island?

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I'll never argue that this email isn't sketchy and weird as fuck, but "kitchen island" isn't a weird phrase at all. A countertop in the middle of a kitchen that isn't attached to any walls is a kitchen island.

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