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No. We have always had people pushing for political correctness, and people laughing at them or the courts putting them in their place.

Social Media is the worst trend so far in my life time. All of the people we used to seek help for, laugh at, or ignore are now amplified. They can group together, they can attack en mass, and they can normalize anything because Social Media keeps them locked into a circle of their own type, so anything outside of that genuinely looks like it's the abnormal viewpoint.

Also, the internet becoming a commercial endeavor has also been really bad. I remember when the internet was called The Information Super Highway. We dialed in to learn things, to explore parts of the world we could never visit. Talking to someone across the globe was exciting, and inspiring.

Now you combine the Social Media aspect with "need to have clicks" commercialization and you get those minorities that are trapped in a bubble getting affirmation from websites that don't genuinely care, but need to generate revenue. Outlandish lifestyles, flat earth theories, economic scares, fights in the street, etc are constantly broadcast to generate clicks and ad revenue. You have to remember that News Sites are a business, and business needs customers.

So, those two things combine to make the one big mess. People trapped inn their bubbles (by design) warring with other people in bubbles (by design) that get offended and go to war whenever something outside of their bubble somehow makes it in.

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To be fair, we thought Communism was dead. But no....

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I often wonder if they infiltrated key economic positions to financially destroy the country and offer communism as a solution.

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Really? Public welfare, schools, hospitals, bank bailouts, government owns companies, more 3letter agencies than you can count...

What the fuck made you think communism was anything other than alive and well in so-called Western Democracies?

Fucking asleep at the wheel, is what you lot were.

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you get those minorities that are trapped in a bubble getting affirmation from websites that don't genuinely care

This Right here. It's easier than ever to reach out to marginalized people and manipulate them.

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Can't forget the byproducts of social media such as virtue signaling and the enablement of professional victims. Drag queens are special guests at grade schools now. Laws have changed to cater to the the smallest fringe communities to the point that it affects education.

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Some valid points there. Social Media is a great influencer, now a rival to the traditional news sources. Given that anyone can make or fake news it has become more imperative than ever to not necessarily believe all that you read "in the news"!

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Political correctness is a cover for worse bullshit. I would say the current trend to expose small children to sexual deviants is the worst.

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Those perverts are riding the political correctness wave. It's made possible because the normies are giving grounds to fringe perverted degenerate behavior such as faggotry.

First the fags wanted to be treated as normal and you gave ground. Then the trannies follow. It is obvious that the pedos will ask too, because cucks are giving grounds for everyone else.

So not a cover, but rather exploiting the weak, naive cucks who don't have the balls purge libtardation through violence. It's a consequence of the cowardliness and weakness of westerners who don't have the balls to violently root out libtard views.

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You misspelled Jews.

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I would say the current trend to expose small children to sexual deviants is the worst.

The current trend is the normalization of pedophilia. It began this year. People in power are openly stating that childfuckers are normal. THEY’RE MAKING MEMES ON LEFTIST WEBSITES.

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The Macarena was pretty horrific.

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Whoa man I believe it is SHUT YOUR DIRTY WHORE MOUTH. The macarena was good

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Nothing will ever beat Regis Philbin encouraging people to do the macarena wish I could find the part of this episode where he learns to do it himself.

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Shit I'll take that over watching Hillary Clinton whip/nae nae. That dance belongs in the ovens.

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But it's the only dance I can ever remember at weddings. #godblessmacarena

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The worst trend I've seen is the post 9-11 push toward authoritarianism by both major US political parties.

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The worst trend I've seen is ... push toward authoritarianism

So youre OK with low-IQ people and illiterate migrants voting on your laws and collecting your taxes?

Authoritarianism is the only way to exclude millions of worthless losers from ganging up on hard-working, productive, valuable people.

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I believe in democracy.

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We do need right wing authoritarianism in order to fix societal problems by coloring the river red using SJW blood.

Cuck libertarianism aren't gonna fix shit. Been tried for decades and look where "muh freedom" brings. Freedom for you, but also freedom for niggers to keep robbing and freedom for illegals to keep coming in and freedom for feminists to keep ruining everything you love.

The most obvious sign that democracy is a joke is the fact that non-citizens can vote in presidential election.

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They 'can't' in the sense that they are not supposed to, but they just do anyway and the mechanisms designed to prevent these crimes are currently not functioning.

The largest problem with authoritarianism is the old adage "all organizations come to be controlled by their enemies", and under authoritarianism, we wouldn't even be able to pretend we could do something about it, unlike our current situation.

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Not authoritarian enough, in my view. Human beings don't self-regulate. They need to be controlled. If the State doesn't impose limits, people go looking for them. Should you be unsafe walking down a street in your suburb? No but you are because the State releases repeat offenders. If a wild animal was loose on that street it wouldn't last a few minutes before the Authorities acted. Why should it be different if the predator is human?

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fear mongering

No thanks. I prefer the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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The red scare

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No, AIDS was much worse.

Bam, overnight, no more raw fucking, 70% less fucking overall. '82 was a bad year.

I think, with Tinder and such, anonymous casual sex is making a comeback now... right as I get too old for that shit.

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Yeah once people learned that aids risk was color coded the condoms came off.

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Yeah but now can you trust a whore to not lie about whether or not she took the digger nick? I can't even trust women anymore man.

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Well, there was that faggoty neon EVERYTHING phase. Neon, shirts, glasses, car accessories, CARS, trapper keepers, etc, etc. It was pretty bad. Then there was the "fightin' fer yer fureedum!" and the "eef ya kant stand wit da turoops ya kin stan in front o' dem" fucking cunts. That was pretty bad too.

oh shit, I almost forgot about the niggers with hair combs stuck in their nigger fros. Like a bone through the lip type of shit. Every bootlip you ran across had a hair pick sticking into the pubic hair on its head. Fucking stupid. That was really bad.

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I always wondered why trapper keepers were banned in my schools...

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banned for being fucking gay

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Banned? You're serious?!

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I agree.

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No, I'd say it's modern feudalism, identity politics, children having gender reassignment, illegal immigration, muslims invading sovereign countries, the EU, globalization and the globalists polluting the world with Islam, everyone being on social media constantly uploading photos of everything they do or think, rap crap, Hollyweird and Pizzagate... shall I continue?

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where do you stand on leaf-blowers?

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So, Jews?

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