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And it's not the first time: https://voat.co/v/whatever/2555092

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This guy codes.

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I'm on it.

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He speaketh!

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^----- this is why i use imgoat

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Front page of imgoat is down btw.

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Looks alright to me, was it a Connection Timed Out error? Or was the site just not loading at all?

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yeah security certificate expired 3 days ago

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Your beat!

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31st here but the date at my end said 28th. so yes, Lee Nelson was right, i am, indeed, from da fuutur innit.

that being said ive only just noticed today. i cant recall using it in the last few days.

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If by "days" you mean "hours," sure.

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Oh I was exiting out. Damn I missed all those mediocrely funny images

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hey man youre missing out on all my original content

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Put on a condom and try again.

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You know, years ago I had a friend who used condoms like any normal dude—except whenever he thought a certain lady might be extra risky. These special ladies were introduced to what he called "The Tabasco Method". The Tabasco method was his retarded way of instantly knowing if a condom broke while simultaneously triggering an immediate and involuntary cessation of extracurricular activities. It involved using two condoms and rubbing 2 drops of the sauce in a thin layer between them. You would then proceed with your manly duties double gloved and silently praying to the condom gods that, should they require a sacrifice today, it would be the outside one that ripped. Of course, the biggest flaw to this method is that latex hates being rubbed by other latex—it increases the likelihood of a tear, greatly—but everyone else in our circle of friends resolved to never reveal that to him...we encouraged his use of "The Tabasco Method". By golly, he wasn't an AmeriCAN'T, he was an AmeriCAN.

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@discoball. Hey man, any update on the ssl cert?

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Certs are hard

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It has been happening on and off for a while. I assume it's people who value diverse opinions trying to censor them for having the wrong diverse opinion.

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I love how the likes of Google and Verisign perpetuate this idea that SSL is some security silver bullet and all it does is provide encryption. They have Chrome warn you with this ridiculous block like they are working hard to protect you. Yeah Google you really care about our security. Meanwhile operational security audits for holes in middleware plugins (looking at you wordpress), cross site scripting and sql injection are never mentioned.

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