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most gay people weren't sexually abused

A baseless assumption on your part. If you look into this, you will find you are mistaken.

Gayness is not a sexuality; it is a fetish. Like all fetishes, it is a misfiring of impulses meant for reproduction that have been crosswired to things or behaviors that serve no functional purpose. Such crosswiring most commonly occurs due to traumatic or otherwise shocking experiences, particularly during childhood.

Get gay people comfortable enough to talk about their first sexual experiences, and nearly all of them will have a story of first encounters at a very young age. Usually either with an older person, or with a peer who themselves had "experiences" with someone much older and passed it on to them. They'll often not see it as abuse, and even think of it fondly. Which is precisely why they are so dangerous and likely to pass it on to the "next generation".

Prominent recent example: Milo's interview that made him fall from grace.


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Does that happen? Yes. Is that anywhere close to the norm: no.

I never sucked a dick till I was 17 after 3 girlfriends.


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Ask around among "your people", as it were. Avoid leading with negative bias, such as "so this guy on a right wing site claimed we were all molested" or even asking directly. Instead, fish for it with something like "so I had my first experience quite late, but a lot of the other guys I've talked to said they started really early". Works best after a few drinks. See what shakes loose.

I'll also point out you completely ignored the second half of my comment:

That includes pushing faggotry propaganda onto 4 year olds. Ever see any faggots that actively oppose LGBT indoctrination in schools?

It's not always child abuse in the sense of some uncle molesting you. Being exposed to sexuality prematurely, particularly all sorts of deviant sexuality, especially under socially stressful circumstances, will cross all sorts of wires. As evidenced by that recent study that is facing all sorts of censorship for inconvenient conclusions.

Ultimately, there is nothing but rabid support, or at best silent acquiescence, from the various LGBTBBQ "communities", for aggressively pushing their ever more explicit perversions on ever more, ever younger children. Nothing you said changes or challenges that. That is the bottom line.

Whether through active proselytizing or passive support, you are a menace to our children.