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It aint' the gays.

Antique shops, hairdressers and dress shops were sure as hell never blackballed because the owner, Mr.Lovey pranced a little lightly.

It's the fuckheaded loons that use them as weapons and bang everybody else over the head with their I'm saving faggots from you bullshit.

Oscar Wilde basically owned London and the elites hung around him like flies. He feather pranced around town with boys and no one cared. It wasn't until he took on a Lord that wanted him to get the fuck off his son that he ended up in Roedding Gaol. Would have happened to anyone.

Dyke gym teachers have always been a thing. Nobody cared. No one cared who her "roommate" was either.

They also didn't care about anyone else's sex life. Discretion was how civilization existed peacefully.

Teenage gay boyd run away to the city to be with their own kind, way more than they ever get kicked out of their parents home. Kicking out a rebellious teenager used to be business as usual gay or not. The idea that they all get booted out just for being gay is bullshit. Ask the right questions and you'll find out those ones were disruptive and horrible and ran away. Most stay at home just fine and leave as soon as they can. Like normal people do.

Not getting along with parents doesn't belong to the gays. The hysteria of too much feminism has turned every cat that dies into a victim of poison and every "rescue" dog into a victim of abuse.

Gays had equal rights, like everyone else. You were subject to the same laws for hitting a faggot as hitting anyone else. Hate crimes is prejudiced and bigotry and flies in tbe fsce of equal rights. They've been told they deserve more rights now and they sure as fuck don't.

The Muslims are going to kill 'em all if they don't get onboard the racist train anyway. The real faggy faggots are the people using them, and they won't save them.

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I agree now that gay marriage is legal. Idk why anyone picked a fight with a cake shop. The free market wouldve done a better job but instead someone wanted the government to make a policy.

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Shut up fag

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I brought your penises. You did order penises, right?

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Why? Making too much sense?