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I used to be one of those, "What do I care if they fudge pack in the closet? Consenting adults can do whatever they want with each other, IMO."


Significantly higher rates of mental illness

Significantly higher rates of pedophilic tendencies.

Significantly higher rates of STDs.

Significantly higher rates of domestic violence.

Significantly higher rates of suicide.

Gay Pride parades where they show their junk to kids publicly.

The "slippery slope fallacy" wasn't a goddamn fallacy. They got marriage, and now we have tranny bathrooms and 8 year olds. We have trannies reading childrens' books to kids in libraries.

Bug chasing is a thing.

Sexual-partner rates for faggots is SIGNIFICANTLY higher, by entire digit places, than the average straight person.

They think they can touch anyone's junk, male or female, without permission.

They think they have the right to your attraction/sex.


And now I'm firmly in the camp of "maybe the sandniggers got ONE thing right."


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While I disagree point by point for a lot of this, this is exactly the kind of response I expected. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

PS Saudis are actually super chill when they're not in SA. First time I tripped acid it was me, 2 Sunni muslums from Saudi Arabia, and thus Jewish guy who was the biggest bro you'll ever meet (gdi with Total Frat Move on his phone). Their issue is really their religion being mixed with their government so it can't fall into place or modernize.