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Yes, but primarily through changing definitions. For instance "Racism" is being promoted to be "Prejudice + Power" and thus only something a white person can commit. They do this to use a different language to make themselves seem correct to their adherents when they just are not speaking the same language. Scientology does this to their people too, but their spread is small. It is a cult tactic and it needs to be called out.

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Thats right. All that's been done is to alter the definition of obscenity.

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No single individual or group โ€œgets to decideโ€; the meaning of words is defined by context and common usage. One can (and probably should) insist on the correct usage, but ultimately there's absolutely nothing anyone can do to prevent language from evolving. At best, you end up with two different languages where the sound and spelling may be the same, but the meaning is different โ€”it's inevitable. To make a non-charged example: what do you think 'file' means?

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The misandrist Feminazis have their own version of "Prejudice + Power" sophist doubletalk.

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For instance "Racism" is being promoted to be "Prejudice + Power" and thus only something a white person can commit.

I remember clearly when Maxine Waters said this on a news segment (might have been on tucker).

She said that black people can't be racist because racism is when prejudice and power are used against someone.

Well I couldn't help but dissect her words as the ol' physicist hack I am...

POWER is a very real term used to define work over time in terms of energy. Nearly any physical action can be calculated to determine force/output.

So when Maxine Waters said racism = prejudice + power, my initial thoughts were:

What about the "white girl bleed alot" episode? Those black kids were PREJUDICED, and used their physical POWER of numbers to subdue the girl and beat her. Prejudice + Power = RACISM.

What about the kidnapping of the mentally challenged Trump supporter at the hands of the lil' wannabe gangsters? They were clearly PREJUDICED against whites, and they used their POWER as a group of individuals to imprison this mentally challenged white kid and torture him for days. Prejudice + Power = RACISM.

What about the stories of "polar bear hunting" (PC read: "Knockout Game")? Groups of PREJUDICED black teens wandering the streets looking for white people to punch. We have black kids who hate white people, walking the streets, using their POWER to perform violent WORK on people walking by. Prejudice + Power = RACISM.

We could go on and on and on and on.... Find me some more stories of black group/gang violence against whites and we can turn this into a meme.

Seriously tho, those PREJUDICE black teens use their numbers to overPOWER white people all the time.


There's no special gene for racist hatred in white people as far as I know.

Fuck Maxine Waters.

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Check out Jay Dyer (YouTube and jaysanalysis.com which is slowly coming back up after being shut down by Wordpress) and his Globalist Books series where he does book reports on major works of the Globalist elites.

The end goal is Brave New World and the air, water, food, language, and sexuality are the targets.

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I second this recommendation. Jay needs way more support for his info. Not even afraid of naming the Jew where appropriate, he just doesn't go overboard. Very classy.

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language is under war

read your shakespeare, your bible, and your old myths, and remember the words.

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your bible

This is one of those things I'll never understand of Voat. Such a strong sentiment against the Jews, coupled with the endorsement of a religion that is fundamentally Jewish.

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its not the people who wrote it, its the language inside it, in this example. Christianity sermons have a vocabulary to them, that they dont share with any other source you'll find

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You don't have to play along, you know. I have a library of books, never use social media, and home school my sons.

And, yes. Everything about White Western culture is being targeted.

By the kikes.

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I don't want to play along but I try to learn the rules.

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pp7 h4v3 833n fuck1n9 \/\/1th 74n9u4g3 for a long time...

It's no conspiracy.. it's just the way people developed on the internet / sms.

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I think a limited vocabulary will make a more controllable population because it limits thought and discourse. Most things written on the internet use simple words and targets the masses, so needs to be legible by the lowest common denominator. Whether or not the goal of those who write is control or profit, the outcome is the same.

I am personally more concerned with the self-censorship that occurs when the government and media defines morals and says privacy is either bad or a myth("Even Hillary's emails were hacked, you can't be safe!").

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The smartphone allowed the internet to go mainstream which is ruining society.

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