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do it. get a black hat. some thick goggles. and a prosthetic nose. this has existed for centuries.

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Mind blown

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Sounds good. My schmeckle's already trimmed.

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Holy shit! Humpty Hump was a jew?!

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So many get nose jobs, is the prosthetic nose necessary?

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Um if you believe in Jesus you actually ARE a Jew in the good sense of the word. But those who call themselves Jews these days are the same ones who crucified HIM.

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I was getting flak from a jew and he completely changed tune when I mentioned my jewish ancestory

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Work is going to want me to shave my beard soon, some stuff about respirator masks. We've got some people who have never shaved theirs since I've worked at this place. They're Jewish. One of them has a beard down to mid-chest. No way he's wearing a respirator mask with that thing. I'm thinking of being Jewish when they call me down.