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Look how well this trick worked out for Martin Shkreli.

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i miss that guy already, his streams were hilarious

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Wait who?

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The guy who brokered a deal where the inventor of a drug used to treat AIDS sold it to a different manufacturer who cranked the price up to $7K. He went to jail for insider trading, IIR.

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I also would like more info

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do it. get a black hat. some thick goggles. and a prosthetic nose. this has existed for centuries. https://imgoat.com/uploads/f28b5d49b3/140324.jpg

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Mind blown

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Sounds good. My schmeckle's already trimmed.

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Holy shit! Humpty Hump was a jew?!

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So many get nose jobs, is the prosthetic nose necessary?

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Um if you believe in Jesus you actually ARE a Jew in the good sense of the word. But those who call themselves Jews these days are the same ones who crucified HIM.

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I was getting flak from a jew and he completely changed tune when I mentioned my jewish ancestory

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Work is going to want me to shave my beard soon, some stuff about respirator masks. We've got some people who have never shaved theirs since I've worked at this place. They're Jewish. One of them has a beard down to mid-chest. No way he's wearing a respirator mask with that thing. I'm thinking of being Jewish when they call me down.

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Literally anyone can be a Jew. Even the people who are collectively known as “Jews” are not of Hebrew decent, are not Semites and have stolen the identity of the biblical Israelites.

The first Prime Minister of “Israel,” David Ben Gurion, said it best: “A Jew is anyone who says he is.”

You can impersonate a Jew whenever it is convenient and deny your Jewishness whenever it is convenient as well. It is already being done.

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Holy shit what if jews are just white people masquerading as jews and trying to enslave a mongrelized race of humans?

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They’re not. There are distinct genetic markers in the jewish race. All jews can be outed by their genes.

This is D&C to get you to let SOME jews live.

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Yes, this could throw a wrench in the whole "Every. Fucking. Time." meme.

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Looks like jews are white after all.

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we should start a hashtag #WeAreAllJews

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Yes, blur the lines as much as possible.

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My fellow Jews,

We need to abandon America, and Europe in order to focus all our subversive efforts in South African Blacks. They desperately need our guidance to become more multicultural.

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I think that takes away from the message of white pride. We don't need to use dirty tricks when we have truth.

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I think you're confusing deception with propaganda. Hitler pointed out actual propaganda isn't dishonest, use truth to motivate people to wanting victory and a successful economy. He also pointed out that Jews around the world ruined it to the point that the common man associates propaganda as deception.

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Walking up to goyphobi

"Buddy buddy buddy, walk with me and let me explain something to you"

Places arm over goyphobic's shoulders while walking

Takes a deep breath, and stabs goyphobic 3 times quickly in the stomach then steps away

Looks down at goyphobic on the ground

"Well to be fair you were the one to suggest deception works in wars"

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all war is based on deception

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"Deception" is not all one and the same.

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We will use what works

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Short term, it could be said that a heck of a lot of things 'work'. The real question is, across what span of time.

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Do you want to win?

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“I converted to Judaism, I’m a jew now cause being jew is totally not a race”

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Kinda what I was saying about shape shifting. Why can’t we do it too?

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Nah, no way I am letting a rabbi suck my cock.

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