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Call zoning board and report them for exceeding maximum adult occupancy

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Yup call up code enforcement and ask how many families you can sublease your house too. When they say none tell them are you sure because my neighbors are doing it. Code enforcement are quick and savage

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There is also occupancy laws that kids must have an average amount of space per child and adult. It is usually in square footage. Don't know if it's per state or Federal. Also taboo if older kids are bunking with siblings of the opposite sex.

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Oh Man - nothing can fuck up your day more than zoning violations.

They are worse than the tax department.

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OP is probably fake, but if the situation were real who it would fuck up is the slumlord or coyote renting the property to the immigrants.

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I feel like they’re not going to do anything, but it’s worth a try.

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if they arent white we dont need them anyway.

and fuck you for not knowing that