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Call zoning board and report them for exceeding maximum adult occupancy

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Yup call up code enforcement and ask how many families you can sublease your house too. When they say none tell them are you sure because my neighbors are doing it. Code enforcement are quick and savage

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There is also occupancy laws that kids must have an average amount of space per child and adult. It is usually in square footage. Don't know if it's per state or Federal. Also taboo if older kids are bunking with siblings of the opposite sex.

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Oh Man - nothing can fuck up your day more than zoning violations.

They are worse than the tax department.

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OP is probably fake, but if the situation were real who it would fuck up is the slumlord or coyote renting the property to the immigrants.

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I feel like they’re not going to do anything, but it’s worth a try.

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if they arent white we dont need them anyway.

and fuck you for not knowing that

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease, keep on calling ICE or whoever and try to get your good neighbours to do it too. That's how jews and blacks do it, they know if they whine and wheedle and beg and cajole and make a general fucking nuisance of themselves they can bully somebody into getting their way.

Lower your tolerance level while keeping your emotions in line. You don't want to give fodder to the media by having a public freak-out and shouting out "racial epithets". That's about all I can think of. If they're muslim or something get a pot belly pig and a few dogs.

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Alright, I’ll have to call ICE again.

No they’re not Muslim, just spics. I have two dogs and I’ve told the kids to not run up to him since he’s aggressive but I’ve had to yell at the parents and the kids as the parents just let their kid run around and at my dog thinkings it funny when he starts barking at them.

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Faggoty reasons to narc on someone #59238948 Could just say cause they're spics. Such a fucking petty little beta.

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You could bait them into vandalism. Get some Trump signs / ICE stuff / American flags on your property and set up a camera to watch them destroy it. Then call the cops and show them the recording. But this would be slightly dangerous to you.

A better bet would be to Call CPS on them. And report things like screaming children (because they do) and children mimicking domestic violence behavior (hitting with shoes or punching, great if you can get it on video). Because honestly if it's three families of illegal aliens they are likely hitting their kids and each wives hard. This with calling code enforcement is likely the safest bet for now.

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Are you sure they arent renting it? Find out who the property owner is on the county assessor website and send them a letter about the # of people living their and condition of the property. You could also notify local housing regulators, their mqy be a limit to the number of people who can reside in a rental, though housing regulators are mostly worthless.

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They are renting it. I honestly don’t think the homeowner cares who’s in it as long as rents being paid.

I’ll look into the coding violations.

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If it's a rental you're better off. The building code doesn't say you can't have 15 people from 3 different families living together in your own 5 bedroom house, but there are landlord-tenant regulations that can punish the owner if there are too many occupants than is permitted. If the city is fining the landlord as long as it continues then the landlord will be forced to evict them.

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Report them to the IRS. While it may take a while for ICE to act, the collection agency always acts fast when they find out they're missing out on shaking someone down.

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Will look into doing this, thanks!

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.... why are you wearing a dress, Captain?

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Handle comes form Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel.

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Are you a female?

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Get 20 of the biggest White boys you know, and just stand on your lawn staring at them.

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