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Stop going to that faggot Communist site.

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Wrong, that's what they want. Always argue, always disagree so there is a voice somewhere for someone.

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It's not organic anyway, sure of it. Just look at the top posts in the front pages and the top comments...

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Near the end of my stay on Reddit I started to get the feeling that half the people I was talking to were robots. I wonder if that's true now, because people on that website just keep getting dumber.

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Stop going to that faggot Communist site.

How are you going to recruit new blood when you dont frequent places young people frequent?

You dont want them to find you, because they wont, because the hive wont allow them to stray away without consequences.

You want to proselytize to them in a stealthy "hello fellow bernie bros" way they dont notice, but sudenly feel an irrational urge to end democracy and gas jews.

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RIP. Thank you for your service, John McCain’s tumor.

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Truly an American hero.

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Tumor should be removed so we can pin the goddamn medal of honor on it.

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10/10 would recommend.

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It took its sweet time though, offing the piece of shit.

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No because I don't go on Reddit

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That drama-club faggot Crowder was praising him last week. These weird Alt-Conservative types have a bunch of "verified idols" like McCain who they never badmouth. It's like the JQ. Something about the hidden/backroom rules of their game prevents them from crossing certain rhetorical lines. But they'll talk a big game on all other fronts.

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Something about the hidden/backroom rules of their game prevents them from crossing certain rhetorical lines.

It's so they can make the most money possible.

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chowder is an obvious kike, but he's our kike or something. i dunno

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Fuck him. Hate him. Always have. If you couldn't tell he's a fucking moron after a few episodes, you're the fucking moron. It's the old saying in poker: if you can't tell who the sucker is at the table... He does some occasionally funny shit, but he's a ZOG Kike freshly circumcised cock-sucking little shit who needs to GTFO.

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Crowder's a kike loving retard and as much of a problem as Don Lemon or any of the idiotic late night shows passing as news slash comedy hosted by sell-outs who've traded their souls for money.

RIP magnificent Aussie stand-up comedian cunt--whatever your name is I'm not going to think about it--Jim.

Guy needs to lose his Right-wing "Alt-Media Hero" status like Jew-Boy Shapiro ASAP. Edit: ...as sad as I am to say it: TBH Shapiro's a lot less of a fucking moron than Crowder. Shapiro's still a fucking kid so it doesn't say much, but still.

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Shapiro wrote an article saying that it didn’t matter that the FBI never took physical possession of the DNC server, because they got an image of its drives.

So, I couldn’t tell what the fuck the purpose of that article was, other than obfuscation of the Seth Rich subplot. Shapiro can suck a dick.. he’d just think he was giving his mom nasal CPR anyways. Cause the Jews have dick noses, like Grover from Sesame Street, get it?

Anyways, the deal with Crowder is he is intentionally withholding the red pill. And why? Because Alex Jones is what happens to you if you don’t intentionally withhold certain red pills. You get labeled a conspiracy theorist, and people’s desire to fit in with the flock of other sheep starts working at odds against your messaging.

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That drama-club faggot Crowder was praising him last week.

Do you know which episode? I want to hear it for myself.

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This morning the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was announcing the loss of the heroic John McCain and how all of America except Trump was in mourning. They sounded like Tokyo Rose with the stickiness of the propaganda.

I have foreseen during my next life the invasion and complete occupation of Canada by America forces, sometime in the future, and now I now exactly why.

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I want this to happen. Maybe when the DotR goes down Trump will deport all the streetshitters, the towelheads, the fuckin' Haitians and Trinidadian niggras, the chinks, and all that other good stuff. Canada is an extremely unimpressive country, I want to be part of something better than being merely a dumping ground for all the brown filth of the world.

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Please let it be so. We will deport the sandniggers for you, leaf. It is a matter of our own national security not to be bordered by such shit. Mexico is bad enough.

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Canada is our Ukraine

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Reddit, where the mods tell you what is acceptable to say. If you go against them, your comment will be deleted and your account banned from the sub. Who the fuck cares what "they say"?

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Put it this way, if your comment was deleted, you know the truth. While they want to prevent others from seeing that, consider it a compliment that you see the light.

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It is not just reddit, There are a few political sites I go to and they are all praising him, even the sick twisted left wing scum bag faggots. People need to learn that the 2 party system is set up just to divide the people. Same as the MSM wants the Niggers and Whites to hate each other. They need to keep us apart, They can't risk people teaming up and take out the Government. Those motherfuckers could start telling the truth about everything now and still not be done in 30 years from now with all the lies and bullshit they fed us.

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This guy gets it. Other MSM promoted de-unification topics:

women vs men

Hispanic vs White

Black vs Hispanic

Muslim vs Christian

rich vs poor

gay vs straight

Urban vs rural

Left vs Right

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Don't get it twisted, the media teaches Blacks to hate Whites, not Whites to hate Blacks. Infact that's what they need, they need. Whites to not hate Blacks to implement their agenda.

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The media trys to get everybody to believe that all Blacks are these nice funny laid back people who are only trying to make it in an all White world, They always portray them as hard working good people, Well I know better, I knew I hated them when I was a kid because there was a couple in our school and the smell from them was so foul could not stand to get near them, Then when I was in 3rd grade or maybe 4th I got forced to see a shrink because on the cover of our Math book there were a bunch of Blacks on the cover with smiles while they work out the math problems, And when I asked the teacher why the Niggers look so happy while doing school work, it was pure bullshit, I was not allowed back in school for like 3 months, I had to go to a "special" school while they made me work with a Shrink for 2 hours a day

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Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham immediately come to mind.

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