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diversity = strength is just a meaningless buzz phrase. If you ever notice any articles on diversity, they always follow the same outline

  • Diversity of ideas is a great endeavor and we should strive to achieve it

  • Diversity of ideas must mean diversity of candidates from all walks of life

  • The only way to find diverse candidates from all walks of life is to intentionally hire blacks and under represented minorities

  • Hence, we can now conclude that diversity of ideas = diversity of demographics

Notice, how diversity of ideas and diversity of demographics are actually independent of each other. But to the liberal, they must find a way to force them together. And this is why every article on diversity always follows this same exact pattern, because there is no natural way to merge the two concepts without bastardizing the logical flow of events

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Diversity is Strength is propaganda and 180° from true.

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It is NOT a meaningless buzz phrase. Diversity means kill whites. That is what is means.

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When I ask people what 2+2 is, I'm so happy to hear some people say 3 and 5 because diversity of ideas is wonderful.

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I wonder if our veggies would be healthier with fewer mexican immigrants doing the work and our software better with fewer Indians doing Quality Assurance testing?

Diversity means non-whites.

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That fat bitch Amy Schummer's current career says otherwise.

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Shhh, you’ve discovered all the bullshit. Don’t let the goyim know.

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How about a Non-Jewish Head of The Federal Reserve?

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Why are you trying to steal from the Jews, goy? Oy vey! https://s20.postimg.cc/ghklwearx/bretton_woods_evolutionism.png

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That chart is a load of crap. I don't even know if it is true. The Bretton Woods was the Jews. Are you sure you know the difference between the gold standard then and before that? The gold standard was sort of killed by FDR. Check it out. Nixon finished it off. So your chart is a bit wrong.

E: Don't do a technicality on me. If American citizens could not go to a bank and exchange their gold or vice versa, than there is no gold standard.

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The NBA already earned a “A” rating for diversity. Diversity means getting rid of white men.


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Anderson Cooper is a cunt. Does that count?

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Whole point of no discrimination is

diversity doesn't mean shit.

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"Diversity" is code for "anti-white."

That's why.

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