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As a practical matter, your example of discourse is basically saying "I'm not X so don't call me X" when I am addressing X so if X doesn't apply to you and you're getting upset about X, it comes off as you being contrarian and making yourself conspicuous for the sake of conflict.

I agree that this kind of behavior and mode of discourse is one thing that's actively harming the advancement of some of the right-leaning interests in the world right now but I can't discern from your example what you propose. I hadn't thought of this before but I suppose there could be an element of "I'm a special snowflake, not an X Y Z" within both sides that could prevent people from rallying together who otherwise have similar viewpoints, but I do think most people are intelligent enough to know that the spectrum is a generalization (otherwise it's a false dichotomy and would not be part of discussion today).

Nobody says everyone is either X or Y but there are obviously diametrically opposed poles that people in our bimodal political spectrum fall under. Thank you for your example and for reminding me we don't fit into perfect categories.