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The ridiculous leftist will suggest changes to improve conditions for a tiny group while disregarding any effect on the larger group (this can also be the less-populous, designated-evil-oppressor group instead of the oppressed such as with whites or white men compared to any other group). This is why they think letting anyone use any restroom is a great idea. It will benefit tranny freaks while everyone else is disregarded. If anyone else is harmed by this, it's not important, because they're evil oppressors of poor innocent trannies.

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Basically, it runs on the tenets of Communism:

(1) That there is a a privileged oppressor and an underprivileged victim and (2) that it must be corrected.

Less known is the proposed solution; that (3) a monopoly on violence a.k.a. government must take over the public interest for the public good.

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Jews must take over government. It's for the public good of course, goy.