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When talking about foreign invaders (illegal aliens), when "progressives" try to paint me as some uncaring, unfeeling monster, I point out that I'm arguing for the legal residents who already exist in the country. That they need to take priority first and we need to ensure we're in a good place before we throw ourselves into a scenario where we take on too much by giving away too much aid freely. The ones who aren't really poisoned at least pause and consider what you're saying. I sometimes take it a step further and question why they don't care about the existing people in the country and why aren't they thinking about them with all of the help that they need, the very help that they virtue signal about. Why are these other people so much more important?

Typically they have nothing to say in response.


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I dont understand how they dont understand that literaly no other country out side of western countries in any way do anything for noncitizen foriegn invaders imagine me going to china and crossing the border snd then demanding they give me a day in court! Lol or russia... thry will give me multiple days in prison with no fucking rights which i shouldnt have.. i didnt pay taxes to their goverment i didnt fight in warz for them i didnt take a fucking oath i am a foriegn invader pure and simple and would expect to be treated accorngly.


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What I say when talking about illegal foreign invaders is something like, "I really think we should help them, but we should help them in their own country. Why should they have to leave their homes? Their families? It's terrible."

Edit: It works because its true!

I just thought of something. Do they still have The Peace Corps? If they do, maybe we can turn it around and get the crybabies to want to join the Peace Corps and to stop yammering in our faces about bullshit. I'll look it up. It's a great way to virtue signal I'll bet. EDIT: YES YES YES YES YES, THEY STILL HAVE IT. IS THIS SOMETHING THAT JFK STARTED?

THIS MIGHT WORK. AT the very least it will change the subject to common ground that we can talk about without losing our minds !!!

SORRY FOR THE SHOUTING. I'M OLD. I'M A FEMALE! MIGHT BE WORTH TRYING. I MIGHT START TALKING ABOUT HOW I WISH I COULD JOIN THE PEACE CORPS. (I think it was a way to dodge the draft when my friends were too stupid to get into college in the 70s.)

It's a much better way to virtue signal than to bike around Afghanistan! And it might actually do some good on the part of the POCS and the Crybabies.

Ps. Holy shit. Idiots who majored in Songs of Oppression of the Indigenous Malawi Basket Weavers or Community Organizing for Transgenders in Saudi Arabia might also be able to have their student loans forgiven!

Can we use the idea of helping invaders in their own countries to our advantage. Is this an example of the proverbial win-win? Is there anyone on Voat who's not a bot?

*** @kneo24 Your answer about helping our own is anther great way to handle the issue. But WE NEED TO TAKE IT FURTHER! We need to give them images (mental or literal) of crying, hungry brown American kids in the ghetto. We need to use their tactics. OP is spot on!

UPDATE: The shills are pushing this off the front page. Leave any comment to bump it back up. THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT CONVO OF THE WEEK! Give more ideas. THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS! This is important.


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If we're lucky they'll go to work in detroit or philly and get wiped out by gangbangers.

Mollie Tibbets would make an excellent figurehead to spread about, pushing this narrative.

"Don't let her death be in vain. Reach out with the local peace corps and show that not all refugees/pocs/etc are the same! Volunteer in the inner-city today!"