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This is true. You won't reach every liberal with facts. Also, you have to keep in mind that liberals don't like to see victims in the world. By their logic, anyone who's life sucks is a victim, and you can't have a victim without an oppressor. So they want to go after the oppressors in society. This really isn't all that different from a lot of the people on here, its just who do they see as victims of society. The left will say poor people of non-whites in America are victims while some on the right will say that unborn babies or hard working whites are the victims. Then you look around to see who has it better and deduce that they only have it better because they are in fact the oppressor. This is where their logic falls apart and no longer makes sense and they are arguing on emotion. At this point, facts no longer matter. They will simply make up their own facts because they think that the oppressor has so much power that they are able to hide evidence of their oppressing activities from the general public and the facts that people quote against them are not accurate.

You also have to keep in mind that people don't like to feel stupid, and being told that they are wrong often feels like a personal attack.