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The gold is gone, they might have to bring back tungsten backed currency.

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I was about to comment about tungsten not having a catchy enough of a name, but then I started looking into different materials to see what would or wouldn't make for good coins. Tungsten actually sounds pretty cool and would make a great low value coin, but what should be used for large values? Gold has a great appearance and a high value, but while looking up info about tungsten I noticed that it is used to create counterfeit gold coins. What we need is some kind of some kind of tricorder like scanner built into mobile phones that can verify whether high value coins are authentic without damaging them. If it could scan multiple precious metals, then we could just use whichever one was the most reasonably priced but still valuable enough for large transactions.

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Wolfram sounds metal as fuck.

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At this point soon wel´ll use bottle caps.