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It’s a blood transmitted virus that came from monkeys (if I recall correctly). Anal sex and IV drug usage are two major transmitters, because of blood.

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It’s like space AIDS, but the terrestrial version.

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I would not try to explain it myself. I would merely give directions to where they could find a live sample of the infection and let them perform their own analysis from there.

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Patient zero was likely a gay nigger who fucked a monkey in the jungle. It is known that aids started in monkeys first. Then when the AIDS epidemic spread to America it was first only in the faggot male community.

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I would tell them that if you have enough time and money that you can get cured, like Magic Johnson did.

Then I would explain the pharmaceutical industry is not concerned with easing human suffering with affordable medication, but are more interested in prolonging the disease for as long as possible so they can get more money.